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  1. Thank you, Simon. I haven't been to watch Romford for about three years, and take my grandson to Dagenham instead. The atmosphere and footballs better and its a genuine family friendly club. With the new American owners putting sensible amounts of money into the club next season could be very interesting. A few times I suggested going to Hornchurch when the Daggers are away but we tend to end up at the Orient instead.
  2. When Westlands is built will you be changing your name to Romford Reserves?
  3. Im a remainer Blackballed which is quite unusual in Romford. Whats happened to Coup and Buzzardboy BTW.
  4. Now Romford have got planning consent for Westlands wouldn't Romford Reserves be more appropriate? BTW, does Buzzardboy and Fletch still come on here?
  5. Thanks for the reply Simon. As clubs that apply for grants from various bodies need cast iron guarantees on issues like security of tenure it certainly seems very odd indeed.
  6. How strange. I remember going there several years ago and talking to a high ranking committee man who was full of himself and telling me where all the grants were coming from. I wonder what is happening with their original ground,and how they can afford a groundshare with so few supporters. ,
  7. Does anyone know why Thamesmead groundshare with Dartford when they have a perfectly good ground of their own?
  8. I last went to Edgar Street fifty odd years ago. and was wondering if it has changed much. I heard it is pretty much the same, but surely not.
  9. Corey was D&Rs player of the year last season, and is arguably the best player in non league football right now.
  10. Dagenham & Redbridge are non league Blackballed, but possibly only until the end of the season. TBH the last few years it was a real chore watching RLN matches but now I really look forward to football. We have been to the Orient as well and thats equally family friendly. BTW, has anyone heard from Fletch lately?
  11. No,haven't been for about 18 months. TBH I wasnt prepared to take my football mad grandson because of the bad language. Took him to D&R a few times and he fell in love with them so its the Daggers for me now and we go there every week.. Better football, family friendly club, a decent atmosphere, ambitious, and its local. After sixty odd years supporting the Boro they will always be my number one team, but like hundreds of other I just lost interest.
  12. Nor have Romford. I believe the first match was played at Ipswich Wanderers stadium. Looks like the Chins could be heading for another early exit,Lol.
  13. Not for me BJR. I campaigned for the Labour Party and it become increasingly obvious Corbyn was the greatest asset my party have had for many years, especially the young are now invigorated by his style of politics and are here for the long term.
  14. Hoping for a quick recovery, get well soon BJR.
  15. I think you are clutching at straws BJR. King is almost universally recognised as the worse governor ever,and the fact Farage agrees with him says it all really.As far as Im concerned he is just another selfish old man who put bigotry before whats best for generations to come.
  16. If we really do have a hard brexit it will all end in tears IMO. All us remainers want is a second referendum once the terms of brexit are known.Surely thats just common sense.
  17. I lost all respect for him when he got done for drink driving and thought it was a bit of a laugh. Sad that he had all those demons within him though, but his early demise is hardly surprising really.
  18. And a happy new year to all the Chins . TBH Abs was always too good for RLN, and the guy that now owns Billericay really wanted D&R but took some terrible abuse from the Dagenham fans. He seems like a decent guy to me, and loves his football and I reckon billericay will do well with him in charge.
  19. For old time sake I thought I must try buggering up Boxing Day and mention Abd Seymour and Frank Curlie have apparently signed for Billericay Town,Lol.
  20. Very strange, I do seem to remember playing on two consecutive days in the Southern League, but at first thought it was probably over the Easter period. I went to the 58 Ilford game, and Im a little surprised at the low attendance. Its difficult to believe there was no public transport as not many people had cars in those days including players, so I wonder why there was such a small gate for a local derby.
  21. It was Romford reserves actually, and Im pretty sure the first team played on Boxing Day, but cant remember who against. Something at the back of my mind tells me that one, or possibly two player played in both matches.
  22. Ridiculous woman who is completely out of her depth. If she scraps brexit, or gives us another referendum I could change my mind though.
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