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  1. 3-1 after 40 mins another for Bricknell
  2. McDonald, Muleba, Payne, Thomas, Weatherstone, Taafe, Youngs, Bricknall, Davison, Bantik +Trialist Rumens, Hatton, Blackman, Mubaiyi, Faave + 2 trialists Town lead through Davison and Bricknell 2-0
  3. We have been unlucky with injuries and failed aginst the top sides, but we were 9 points away from a play off place. Three defeats against sides we should have beaten were Home to Casuals, and away to Hornchurch and the, in my opinion worst result was losing at Kingstonian (who won one of their last 18 matches), and we might have been looking forward to an exciting end to the season. Also too many goals against. We must tighten up in defence for next season.
  4. Season is over with a 1-0 defeat
  5. A free header from a corner gives the hosts the lead - Sort of sums up the season
  6. Nolan, Mulley, Porter, Johnson, Hatton, Weatherstone, Youngs, Chaney, Ibe, Davison, Greene Subs Parcell, Sayoud, Quarrington-Carter, Taafe, Wales
  7. Home season over with Town recording their 8th win from 21 matches. 3-1
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