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  1. McDonald, Hatton, Payne, Thomas, Weatherstone, Muleba, Blackman, Youngs, Brown-Bampoe, Faal, Charles Mubaiyi, Ford, Livings, Ellesley, Sarpong, Nsiah, Bricknell
  2. FT 3-1 att 310 We lost at home to them last season, for me the worst result of the season , so is it progress?
  3. Subs update Brown-Bampoe on for Charles, Livings for Youngs, Mubaiyi for Bricknell
  4. Faal with his second makes it 3-1 62 mins no problem its a pleasure especially when we are winning. From my mobile today bit of a delay, hope not too many spelling mistakes
  5. 2-1 and thats half time with Bricknell having a penalty saved just before the break
  6. McDonald, Hatton, Payne, Thomas, Weatherstone, Muleba, Charles, Blackman, Bricknell, Youngs, faal Mubaiyi, Aggrey-Adams, Ellesley, Livings, Brown-Bampoe Town lead 1-0 18mins bricknell
  7. FT 1-0 Town good win over a useful side and a few bob into the bank as well
  8. Team McDonald, Hatton, Payne, Thomas, Weatherstone, Muleba, Youngs, Blackman, Bricknell, Charles, Taafe Faal, Mubaiyi, Bantick, Livings, Brown-Bampoe, Ellesley
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