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  1. FT at the Cheshunt Stadium Town take the points in a 3-2 win
  2. Town back in front Youngs 22 mins 1-2
  3. Team McDonald, Muleba, Payne, Thomas, Weatherstone, Urquhart, Della-Verde, Blackman, Bricknell, Charles, Youngs Subs Wilson, Mubiayi, Hatton, Bawling, Ibe
  4. Team McDonald, Hatton, Payne, Thomas, Weatherstone, Muleba, Della-Verde, Blackman, Ibe, Charles, Youngs Subs Wilson, Mubaiyi, Livings, Bawling, Esan
  5. FT 2-0 for the host, went downhill fast after we had a goal disallowed in the 65th minute for offside, followed by the red card in the 70th.
  6. 74 th minute Ottaway scores for the hosts
  7. Town down to 10 as Bricknell is sent off for his second yellow in the 70th minute. First yellow for a foul in the 67th minute, second for diving in the 70th minute
  8. Team McDonald, Muleba, Payne, Thomas, Weatherstone, Wilson, Mubiayi, Youngs, Brickman, Blackman, Della-Verde Subs Ibe, Hatton, Charles, Bawling, Livings
  9. 1 up after 17 mins Bricknell
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