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  1. Wow...Ben has just signed for QPR for 1.5 mil. Begs the question ....what does it take to go from CCL to the top of the game and are professional clubs missing out? Anyone who knows anything about football understands that knowledge of the way the game is set up at a professional level is imperative and this is now really only gleaned from the clubs academy system but I'm sure we must have some potential hidden gems in the CCL? Interesting topic!
  2. On the 7th August 2010 a young 17 year Ben Gladwin made his debut for Eversley at Chobham Rec. Next week Ben will be playing at Wembley for Swindon Town in their play off final against Preston. Some story after being released from Reading's Academy at 16............. just shows what desire, hard work and the right attitude can achieve. Keep an eye out for him next week. I'm sure everyone in the CCL will wish him well and continued success in the future.
  3. First post on here for a while but can't believe the certain posters are slagging the new manager off already! Sav has done a brilliant job over the last 3 years but the current squad is not only wafer thin but also in my opinion at least 4 or 5 starting players short of what's required to challenge this season. There is undoubtedly some apathy too from several players who know they will be starting come hell or high water.Tommo has been there since the start of the season so i`m sure he has seen this. In my opinion a big shake up is required and I have no doubt the players want competition so new arrivals will prove to be nothing but healthy.
  4. Will be very disappointed in Baker if he goes back to Knaphill. I know our management have a top contact in Harley Street who is assisting him with his shoulder rehab at no cost.It would be a kick in the teeth if he left after that.
  5. Trs ..I was 10 yards from the 1st incident and Pagey trod on the ball. To be fair the ref knew he cocked up for the penalty and said so after the game but what can you do. Refs need to look at where 'the foul' takes place and work it out before blowing up. Nothing against Westfield and MV but it very difficult to hold your tongue when we have had been the victim if some poor result changing decisions by the men in black over the last few days. Good luck to all 3 teams who are going up next season. I'm sure they will all do well. As an aside, hearing that Fennessy fought will the South Kilburn manager doesn't surprise me after hearing them at it last week. To be fair to TF most players wouldn't tolerate the way the manager abused him after he made a mistake.
  6. I had to chuckle at that comment Tree Hugger. Good to see we have still all got our sense of humour!
  7. Agree totally NLN. Any manager worth his salt with games piling up at the end of the season will do the same...it's simply called good management.
  8. re-introducing the idiots that are ....Bedfontsportfc and tigger1
  9. Big difference nowadays compared to years gone by is that if there is a puddle on a pitch the refs call it off. It never used to be like that. Perhaps in an era of excessive safety concerns we are all just a little too precious. All these postponements are certainly going to make for an interesting last few compact weeks of the season. Those teams with the biggest squads and with organised management over this period will no doubt be the ones who won the day. IMO if you go into the last 2 weeks of the season without 20 players available your going to struggle.
  10. The suns out now! Are some clubs a little hasty to call their games off so early?
  11. Q Daniel TRS ... There are some very switched on people working behind the scenes at Eversley so have no doubt we will be ready for promotion ( if we are good enough to make it!)
  12. Frimley Green 0 v 1 Cobham A surprising result but not to those who were there. F G started with no tempo -maybe suffering from a tough game against South Kilburn in the week, and perhaps an attitude that this would just be a comfortable stroll in the park. If anything Cobham edged possession in the 1st half but FG looked the more likely to score with Meps looking dangerous at all times. 0-0 at half time, Meps off (injured I assume) and a better tempo on the 2nd half. No cutting edge though with a very disinterested Simmo up top and now Cobham looked the more composed. FG have played 4-3-3 all season and despite Cardona7 looking very dangerous when he came on; playing wide left strangled his influence. As the game went on the Champions elect became more frustrated and more direct..Cobham worked very hard and frequently broke with pace and numbers. 5 minutes to go and a break away saw the F G defense outnumbered.Space in the box saw the previously easily marshalled lone striker expertly find the top corner from 8 yards. Not many Cobham posters on here over the last few years but great credit to them, they worked harder, had a fantastic team spirit and deserved their victory. At lot of reputation at FG, so no doubt they will be back.
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