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  1. Silence indeed .Thanks to those who participated in this discussion both for and against.It was up for discussion and that has been achieved. By all means continue if you wish but I have had more than my fair say on the matter hence the silence from me. If those who decide,having heard all comments & suggestions and taken peoples views from on the terrace, including those who don't have a computer into account still deem to go with what they have then so be it. I will just have to go with it too & grin a bear it. Some say its all a fuss about nothing,yeah maybe it is but I
  2. Grow up! Its not JUST about the colour you plonker
  3. Its just a bloody noise as I am listening to it again now but thanks for your reply and your explanation.As far as the Robbie williams song no, I didn't like that either but at least it had reference to our style of football and that is a connection and would entice people to come but this Kasabian rubbish certainly wont..I accepted Williams song and even on match days was tweeting to people to come along and "let us entertain you" or come along and be entertained. The only thing I thought was wrong with that is that it was putting too much on the players to actually perform,added pressure and
  4. Am not averse to change Alan but would like to see something played that is suitable. I'm still confused as to the Kasabian song. I need to know why this has been deemed a suitable song for me to understand its inclusion. As for Blues Blues Blues, and I'm not cemented to that song it does include our colours and the wording within the song is positive towards getting a result or should I say hopes of getting a result. Kasabian s words don't mean anything as far as the football team is concerned as far as I can see.Surely the wording is more important than the sound track and from what I have h
  5. Got nothing to do with football either (*Margate fc in particular) or are you going to say I'm wrong on that too.FFS Again unless I am missing something in which case please enlighten me/us so that it can be understood as to the reason why this song had been chosen for our lads to come out onto the pitch as an encouragement. Look this was down for discussion on a forum not for you to point blank refuse to take note of peoples feelings about this and I'm sure there are a lot more than 3.. Don't know why you are taking it upon yourself to knock back everything that is suggested witho
  6. I have to ask the question. If it was played (I was late in to hear it) what has Kasabian's Club Foot got that gets the players up for the game. Have looked at the lyrics and it dosen't do anything for me and cant imagine it doing anything for the players either,or am I missing something. "Club Foot" One...take control of me? Yer messing with the enemy Said its 2..it's another trick Messin with my mind, I wake up Chase down an empty street Blindly snap the broken beats Said it's cut with a dirty trick Its taken all these days to find ya I tell you I want you I tell you I need you frien
  7. LOL Yes indeed but intro music BEFORE the game upthegate not after.
  8. Suggestions and nominations please. I will begin with "Blues Blues Blues"/Singing the Blues I still prefer that one (Or did Steve take it with him cos we ain't hearing it?)
  9. Right lets get things straight here. With the title being "Thats their cup final out of the way" I wasn't having a dig at Dulwich in any way whatsoever. I was in fact having a dig at our players. We will have a lot more "Cup finals" this season in the league as all others want to put one over on us. Increased crowds when we turn up are because of all the hype surrounding us at present. We therefore have to treat every game as a Cup final and we must adjust and counter this & play like we mean business. We had Dulwich,as we did Leiston at our mercy only to see us drop points,as well as th
  10. http://www.brixtonbuzz.com/2014/09/moneybags-margate-mullered-by-magnificent-dulwich-hamlet-in-2-1-thriller/
  11. Good performance,nice flowing football (on the ground) and plenty of running. Players looked fit and am full of hope,without getting too carried away with things at this early stage,that this season will be a successful one judging by that showing. Things can only improve from that too.
  12. Cookie


    Just got in from a long day at work. Wow,what an incredible result down there. I never imagined that would be the scoreline though I do know we have the squad to play as well as this and come away with results such as these.Now all we need is the consistency factor to kick in We are well up to getting results like these both home and away so there's no reason why this form can't be passed on to the next game and the next and so on. Very well done all the players and management for a "good day" at the office.
  13. Cookie


    You could be right there Dave. One way or another.
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