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  1. I don't think Dorking have a case. They have been lucky over the last so many years when they have finished in a relegation position but not gone down. We finished bottom and down we went so it should be the same for them or anyone else who finishes in that position. By going down it gives you a chance to take stock of things then put a programme in to rebuild.
  2. I still think they would have been better to take the next best step 5 team up rather than the get out of jail cards.
  3. I think every club that finishes in a relegation position should go down. We had to last season. We have rebuilt our team and are fortunate to bounce straight back but we would have worked hard every season to get back if it hadn't of happened for us so quickly. What's the point in having relegation if teams like Walton finish bottom and are saved. Come on Rymans league pull your finger out I would have rather have seen the next best step 5 team replace them. Keep things fresh.
  4. That's a shame I was really wanting Walton Casuals to drop down to the CCL. It does annoy me when teams get a lucky break when they deserve to take the drop. Then next year someone else will get relegated and come down. They seem to of had the Dorking get out of jail card, not that Dorking will have one this year
  5. I can't wait to watch him skin you as you try and kick him As for the Holden's, jay doesn't play football anymore due to family life taking over and last I heard Liam was playing at Dorking Wanderers.
  6. Lol what at bankrupt Farnborough
  7. A nice positive reply, I should be used to them on here by now lol. Half the players in the CCL are so called wasted but still stay with the clubs they share a bond with. Pagey is our captain and is enjoying his football and the team spirit he shares with his team mates. I think he should be applauded for showing some loyalty to a club that has 100% respect for him. Good on you Pagey #9
  8. Ok maybe not new but what a lift it has given us all at the club. Pagey has confirmed he is staying with MVSCR for next season after all the speculation regarding his playing future. I think I can speak on behalf of everyone at the club, players and officials that we are over the moon at his decision and can't wait to get started in the Prem. Has anyone else got any other player/manager news?
  9. Ok thanks I will look forward to details as they arrive.
  10. From reading other posters comments who are in the know the FA held a meeting yesterday to finalize what teams will be in which divisions. Does anyone know when this information gets released to the public? I'm particularly interested if certain teams held on the their league division status that should of been relegated.
  11. As smudge says we were badly treated and we even done all the ground work to get the ground up to Prem standard. We put in a stand, fenced the pitch, built a players walkway and done the club house up. I don't want to go into it any further as it makes my blood boil. As for not being able to get promoted from a groundshare clearly you haven't read the rules. You cant groundshare to gain a promotion but after one full season of groundsharing you can then get promotion at that ground the following season onwards. So it isnt a waste of time.
  12. I feel we are stronger than we was the year we won it but we are way off the top this season, as winning every game we have left would be a hard task for any side. 4 games in a week
  13. Well I would have to say that Div 1 is much stronger this season than when we won it a few seasons back. And the quality and strength of all the top sides would give most Prem sides a real run for their money.
  14. Massive 3 days for Div 1. MVSCR against Eversley tomorrow to still decide who the other top 3 team will be then Frimley V Westfield play each other Tuesday for the title. It's a very exciting end to what has been the strongest Div 1 ive seen in a long time.
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