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  1. The whole thing about twitter is simple, if your offended by that person stop following them. For example you know that if you follow Frankie Boyle on twitter you'll see loads of what people would say are non PC jokes and if you dont want to see it you dont follow him. If the Horsham skipper is having a bit of fun and it offends someone then don't follow him. Its one thing being a pro footballer like Rio Ferdinand and taking the piss out of other clubs and making innappropriate comments as he is a role models but when its a combined counties league player of just above does it really matter? Not really.
  2. Can't believe the fuss made about this! Was clearly having a laugh and a joke and been blown up way out of proportion
  3. At least Leigh will not be paying players from his own pocket as he was doing at Cobham........or will he .... ! Heard that Cobham will get an ''arrangement'' with Chelsea to have their reserves/youngsters to play for them..... !!! Not true NG or at least not what I heard anyway. If what ive heard is true and i'll believe it when I see it they'll make waves in the CCL
  4. Very impressive BJR especially as when I was an u18 only a couple of years ago Dorking were always the team at the bottom.
  5. Great, great event and such a shame i'm not around for it. Come back that weekend for home game against Truro but go back Sunday morning. Should be a good crowd there though and I know a few who will be attending
  6. Heard that Leigh Dynan chairman/manager has left/been removed from Cobham joined Banstead as manager for next year taking players and budget with him. Cobham managerless at the moment but a few interesting names in the hat fot that as far as ive heard. Also very interesting Cobham developments too. They may well become big players in the CCL soon
  7. I've also heard a fair few!
  8. Anyone got any score updates? Cant find anything on Twitter? Edit: Just as I posted that Westfield posted this on Twitter ' Half time: Staines Lammas 0-0 Westfield Poor half from us with hosts having better chances'
  9. Ellers if you want to watch football pop along to Kingfield and watch top of the league, A stones through from Knaphill too to watch the champions elect
  10. Learn to play golf properly, First year exams, go to Olympics, watch England go out in the 1/4finals of the Euros and soak up whatever sun there is.
  11. Done and good luck with everything. Looking at the comments though, the positive comments far outweigh the negative ones so surely you shouldnt have any problems.
  12. Will the players come back out of the woodwork now?
  13. Problem is there has been trouble before with posts on here. No swearing or offensive language but a situation where Ian was being put under pressure to remove things.
  14. I agree but whatever it causes embarrasment to Sandhurst so i'm sure they didn't want that thread up so maybe asked for it be removed. I'm just speculating though. Would have been nice to see how it would have panned out
  15. A complaint may have put in to Ian in which case he doesn't really have a choice but to remove it. Agree with most on here though as it seemed harmless enough. Interesting to see what comes of it and if the Sandhurst players think they got something out of posting on here.
  16. Was he appointed to get 'Boro out of a financial mess then?
  17. If they were in such turmoil in terms of money why did they go full time this year, spend loads of money on a fantastic squad last year and try and build a new stand?
  18. Always terrible when I relatively big club goes bust. Always fans who get in the neck too. If it happened to Woking i'd be devastated. Feel so sorry fot all Darlo fans.
  19. Westfield 1-0 Staines Lammas Edwards with the winning goal for Westfield. Staines will wonder how they didn't take all three points especially as they were so dominant first half Baldock and James both missing chances that should have seen Westfield go in front but neither could hit the target. Brawley in the Westfield goal didn't really have a meaningful save to make all game with all Staines chances going off target. Westfield barely threatened first half but seemed most likely to score from set pieces as Staines's young goalkeeper was struggling in the air. Westfield were starting to get into the game and on the stroke of half time Anderson headed against the bar. Second half started in controversal style with Staines FURIOUS about not being award a penalty. I didn't see what happened clearly but the referee gave an indirect free kick inside the box. Apparently the ref gave a foul for obstruction as Westfield player blocked Baldock as he was gonig towards goal with the ball. This seemed to rattle Staines and from that point Westfield were on top. Staines goalkeeper made a great save from close range before the rebound was cleared off the line before Westfield finally score. Great passing move ended with Edwards through on goal who scrabbled the balll over the line. Staines didn't really threaten to score an equaliser, in fact Westfield looked more dangerous with Cheeseman denied by the Staines goalkeeper. Westfield then ran down the clock and got a big 3 points. First half was all Staines, could have been 4 goals up. Second half was mainly Westfield.
  20. Hopefully Westfield v Staines will be on. I'll be there taking in some CCL football while im back.
  21. I'm very much a fan of Guernsey being in this league but will having a bad relationship with the Guernsey FA make things harder for you in the long run?
  22. All this comes down to is the same arguement that Windsor didn't take enough pain from going out of business and starting out a new side that looks similar to the one that went bust. If the same players played for any other team in the league there wouldn't be people questioning the budget but its par for the course when you are the biggest team in the league that reformed without paying all the bills.
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