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    YHWhitby got a reaction from hasanyoneseenmikehunt in Monday 2nd scores   
    Westfield 1-0 Staines Lammas
    Edwards with the winning goal for Westfield.
    Staines will wonder how they didn't take all three points especially as they were so dominant first half Baldock and James both missing chances that should have seen Westfield go in front but neither could hit the target. Brawley in the Westfield goal didn't really have a meaningful save to make all game with all Staines chances going off target. Westfield barely threatened first half but seemed most likely to score from set pieces as Staines's young goalkeeper was struggling in the air. Westfield were starting to get into the game and on the stroke of half time Anderson headed against the bar.
    Second half started in controversal style with Staines FURIOUS about not being award a penalty. I didn't see what happened clearly but the referee gave an indirect free kick inside the box. Apparently the ref gave a foul for obstruction as Westfield player blocked Baldock as he was gonig towards goal with the ball. This seemed to rattle Staines and from that point Westfield were on top. Staines goalkeeper made a great save from close range before the rebound was cleared off the line before Westfield finally score. Great passing move ended with Edwards through on goal who scrabbled the balll over the line. Staines didn't really threaten to score an equaliser, in fact Westfield looked more dangerous with Cheeseman denied by the Staines goalkeeper. Westfield then ran down the clock and got a big 3 points.
    First half was all Staines, could have been 4 goals up.
    Second half was mainly Westfield.
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    YHWhitby reacted to Weeble in Windsor Wage Bill   
    It happens mate.... The only thing you can do is ignore it as the people who really know are the only people that matter.... and if every player is on 500 a week who cares.... not me....thats for sure... You will always get the Spencer Day treatment when you are doing well with good players ... Don't rise to the bait just have a big yawn and wave ....
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    YHWhitby reacted to newby marvel in Newbys a proud father!!!   
    Today i became a father again a son born 14.02pm some complications but mother an baby fine !!
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    YHWhitby reacted to johnnojudo in 26/11/2011   
    Get out of his a.r.s.e YHW :-)
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    YHWhitby got a reaction from diggity in Guernsey   
    Definatly would be an idea for Guernsey to set up their own forum. From someone who just wants to keep up to date with scores and interesting goings on its a bit irritating to have every 2 out of 3 threads about Guernsey. Not a dig at Guernsey at all who by the looks of things have been amazing for the league and will continue to rise up through the non-league pyramid.
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    YHWhitby reacted to CW1975 in Guernsey   
    Windsor started their own sub forum on here due to the support they were expecting and after 2539 topics no one can complain, if they hadn't the forum would have been about them and GFC.
    You will still be able to post things on this section, maybe something to consider.
    I really don't care either way and only a suggestion.
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    YHWhitby reacted to johnnojudo in Is this NICE GUY?   
    Smudge has a twin brother i thinks..!!
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    YHWhitby got a reaction from The Wife in Pledge Allegiance   
    For now I pledge Allegiance to Woking Peacocks only
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