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  1. Happy Birthday The Horse'sMouth!

  2. 14-October 10 - Happy Birthday The Horse'sMouth :)

  3. Just looked at the photos and they made want to cry. Just look at the crowds. More importantly look at the quality of the players!!
  4. As a exile. I find it very hard to comment. But after watching developments I basically think that 1893 can now get stuffed. I for one have always felt ETFC was a means to an end and that was EFC playing in Enfield again outside the control of Lazarou. Laz is now gone and we have offered the olive branch to EFC 1893 on numerous occasions and been rejected. Enough is enough. Let them stay put with zero support in Ware. When they have no money left and come begging at our door, we should tell them to join MFM and his umbrella on the planet Mars.
  5. This is for next weeks Gazette so I would need 200 words by Tuesday 2nd Night so I can send it to the Gazette on Wednesday morning.
  6. Keith can't do his Gazette Column next week. Anyone fancy a go as a guest writer? Let me know!
  7. My first Town game for a year and what a load of rubbish. No Defence, No midfield and not a lot going on up front. Players didn't know what to do with the ball when they got it, and the crossing was dreadful. Thought the number 7 was a bit handy for Northwood.
  8. Originally Posted By: Sponsor of Beer Lee also had a significant [positive] influence on the youngsters when he played for the reserves. Thanks, and good luck for the future. Broke Callum's arm. Very positive that was!!!
  9. And there is me spelling language wrong. whoops!!!!
  10. English is obviously a second languange Mr Massive.
  11. Keith can't do his article next week. Anyone fancy stepping into the breach!!! 200 words!! Let me know!!
  12. Glen got in first, so unless Glen wants to stand aside it's his. Have a word with Glen on Saturday.
  13. Cheers Glen 200 words mate. If you can send it to me via this website I can cut and paste it and get it off to the Gazette.
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