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  1. Ashford 4 Ash 2 aet. Ash 2 up at half time, 2-2 full time.
  2. Weeble if you're who I think you are I'm definitely older than you. Think I watched you play and score a few.
  3. Certainly a fact. Only one team WILL win the title. Which one we may know by the year end.
  4. Yes and let's lock up all the net pegs and corner flags and don't give out tickets cause the may cause paper cuts. What you don't expect is a dick head player using things as a weapon. In fact let's stop playing and we'll all be safe. Twat
  5. Interestingly he isn't included in the squad list they sent over for the programme although Ben Ewing is.
  6. I suggest people get the facts instead of believing what the papers write. Firstly it wasn't a pitchfork as such but a garden fork used on the pitch to replace divots at HT. Secondly it is not left laying around the pitch, at least not when Ashford play. It is kept in the tunnel area outside of the pitch fence and players gate.
  7. Lazy sod Ashford only charge £2 for unaccompanied children (one adult = one child free).
  8. Lazy sod Ashford only charge £2 for unaccompanied children (one adult = one child free).
  9. The previous Ashford groundsman has been fully paid up to the day he chose to leave.
  10. Ashford Town 3 Berkhamsted 1
  11. Pity I'm having so much trouble with key new phone got a stutter like Arkwright...
  12. Surely most sides have someone tweeting the score . Set up a second twitter account and just follow the CCL teams. Simples
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