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  1. Sadly you could see it coming. A club that believes they should be at a higher level and a new manager not getting the results that would achieve this
  2. Been involved in two pre-season matches in the last few days E&E 2-2 Petersfield Town SCR 4-2 Three Bridges Both competitive games (never use the word friendly) and I am sure that all clubs involved would have learned something that helps them in the new forthcoming season. Good workouts for the officials involved as well
  3. Good to hear that you are home JR. Take it easy
  4. Keep me updated with how your pitch is in the morning Burger
  5. Where is Burger when you need him? I need an update on the pitch at Redhill
  6. The Redhill fixture could give a hint to who may finish 3rd given that Chessy have played more, Bagshot are due a win, What about AC even without the points deduction its tight. Don't get many goals on camera but I do get the odd goal celibration from time to time, Got one of Kerry Kedze doing his back-flips, looks like he is doing a handstand but about 4 foot in the air, got another cracker of the AC keeper blocking a shot and is way way out of his box but none of the officials gave hand ball....work that one out! How about posting those two photos for us all to enjoy Burger?
  7. Just been informed that there are no issues with the pitch at the Spectrum
  8. Echoing CC's sentiments Good luck in the Vase this weekend to all CCL clubs
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