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  1. Fantastic result and good luck in the next round
  2. Prem SCR Knaphill Egham Div One Jersey Bulls Chessington AFC Hayes
  3. Not a great fane of these but is happening and got to live with it. 10 minutes of playing time ... referee will manage this and player can rejoin during play Went to a really good presentation on this last Saturday at the CCL AGM. Still a little confused though on what happens when a player receives a second yellow etc etc
  4. There is a committee meeting next Monday (19th) so would expect things to be tidied up then
  5. Didn't AFC Uckfield have FOUR players sent off in their win on Saturday?
  6. Presumably you enjoyed the match My money is on Guildford being back at the Spectrum before Spurs are in their new ground
  7. Not sure that Burger would have enjoyed the game too much as Redhill conceded 3 in 10 minutes just before half time and another 2 minutes into the second half They were playing (as have stated before) the champions elect though
  8. Smudge, good to hear from you. Hope that you are well
  9. Sadly you could see it coming. A club that believes they should be at a higher level and a new manager not getting the results that would achieve this
  10. As an official I always found Andy easy to talk to and get on with. Very sad news and condolences to his family
  11. Bet Bagshot can't wait for the season to end
  12. I am at CWU for Balham vs Southall ... looking forward to it
  13. Nice to see you back Weeble
  14. Some of those teams wouldn't look out of place in the CCL ..... oh hang on a minute
  15. Been involved in two pre-season matches in the last few days E&E 2-2 Petersfield Town SCR 4-2 Three Bridges Both competitive games (never use the word friendly) and I am sure that all clubs involved would have learned something that helps them in the new forthcoming season. Good workouts for the officials involved as well
  16. Good to hear that you are home JR. Take it easy
  17. Keep me updated with how your pitch is in the morning Burger
  18. Where is Burger when you need him? I need an update on the pitch at Redhill
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