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  1. All-time record for sendings off in a season is 10 during 1988/89 and again during 2003/04. During 1988/89 it took until 2.1.89 to get to 7 reds (despite getting 4 in one game) and during 2003/04 the 7th red came on 21.2.04. So we're all set for a new record, probably by the end of the month I reckon.
  2. You're rompingly right ! http://www.margatefchistory.com/folkestone%20report%20180972%20.jpg
  3. Karen - Margate's only 2-2 draw with Barnet in the Fusco era was a game at Hartsdown Park on 16.9.72. Barry Brown and Colin Clewlow got the Margate goals. Norman Fusco did play though and luckily Margate have a rather fine dedicated history website that has a match report in case you're interested - http://www.margatefchistory.com/barnet%20report%20160972.jpg - click on it to make it readable. Hope it brings back some memories !
  4. Neil Cugley would do for me, done a decent job at Folkestone, wouldn't be expensive and knows the area and players in our neck of the woods. Not a reason for appointing him but I'd also point out how well he came across when Paul Sykes died - thought he, and Folkestone Invicta in general, were really dignified about the whole situation.
  5. In the course of my historical duties recently I've spoken to 3 fairly elderly former supporters who said they'd go to games if there was a bus to the ground. Have wondered before if Stagecoach or whoever could be persuaded to route a bus or two past Hartsdown on match days.
  6. Our line-up and basic match info was on the Dover Twitter feed thing yesterday. No new faces in our squad.
  7. Had no intention of going on Saturday as the last couple of times we've played at Crabble in friendlies they've charged full price - £12 last time I think - but that's managed to change my mind.
  8. Just looking through Friday's Gazette and in the article about the Jobs Fair there's a bit where a Holiday Inn representative mentions something about how the company's looking to open another hotel in Margate. Would they want to build a hotel on an ice rink though ?
  9. I thought that too, I also didn't realise a theme bar (formerly described as a 'fun pub' I think) was part of the plans. Are we still turning the pitch round and will there be a motorcycle testing centre and doctors surgery ? Bingo hall ? Salmon hatching centre ?
  10. Just added four nice pictures to the history site, details on the main page at... http://www.margatefchistory.com/index.shtml
  11. Lets just agree that it's one of the best sites about the history of Margate FC in world football.
  12. Just added scans of programme covers for every season I have one for to the history site... http://www.margatefchistory.com/programmephotos.shtml ...also just finished dealing with 2005/06 players (creating new profiles for new players and adding 2005/06 info to existing ones) so I've only got another six seasons to trawl through and I'll have dealt with every player since World War II up to the end of last season.
  13. On the off chance that some of you didn't see Cugley's headed hat-trick in 1987.. http://www.margatefchistory.com/cant8788.shtml
  14. I thought eveybody spent their summer looking up the career details for obscure 2000's players who played for us once or twice and then had spells at masses of other clubs. Now I'm starting to wonder if maybe it's not totally normal to spend a Saturday morning searching for info about Musa Jalloh...
  15. http://www.flickr.com/photos/andythephotographer/7357794820/in/set-72157630095723864
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