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  1. 23-July 11 - Happy Birthday American FLEET FAN No1 :)

  2. 23-July 10 - Happy Birthday American FLEET FAN No1 :)

  3. For how much longer? You arrogant sh!t. What makes you think you have the right to tell somebody whether they are a fan or not? The Club was in existence long before you(or me) were supporters, I am only afraid they won't be a Club for anyone after you and the Ostriches have screwed everything up!
  4. I seem to remember saying at the start of the Season, the Club should bite the bullet and go back part-time, if that would save money. I was shouted down by the usual ostriches, that the picture was not as black as the realists amongst us were painting.It will take a miracle to keep the Club in the Premiership and with MyFC asking for early renewals now(so they can spend the money in advance), is not the way to secure even a Southern position, come the next renewals, people will have already payed! What then? But never mind Gary, you can just turn your coat(with the tide) yet again and bask i
  5. Once again the same old sh!t. If these people are my chums, at least it shows I have some. Unlike you in your lonely, sad little world ,wondering which way out to wear your coat this week!
  6. ..........Er, don't the old board still own 25% of the shares? If so the fans do not own 100%of the Club! If FreeMyFC go away, you will have nothing to whine about. It will be refreshing, not having you posting the same old crap!
  7. Sounds as if he has lost his leadership qualities. An army is only as good as its Commander!
  8. After losing in the Cup to lower Division Bromley 3-0 and playing people out of position, maybe Liam is trying to help the Club with their decision!
  9. ............And the next question is????????????????????????
  10. Glad to have beern of service. .................
  11. I wonder how long before EUFC/MyFC, or Daish realise they can't afford to keep him on at his present salary. Then there comes the choice of him walking or the Club/Owners firing him and having to pay off the rest of his contract.
  12. If Daish goes, who would be mad enough to want the job, with a near Zero budget and a far from secure future for the Club? Answers to The Club Sec.on the back of a used Fiver!
  13. Congratulations to Jenson Button on winning the 2009 F1 World Championship, in Brasil, with one more race to go!
  14. Southill is a brave venture, in the light of the MyFC catastrophy. At least they(appear to be) keeping their promises to their members!
  15. Reform as Gravesend & Northfleet and start again in the Kent League. Go into admininstration take the deduction. Whatever happens, there will still be a club but without interference from people who have no real interest in the club other than as a computer game. The Kent League will be a bitter pill to swallow, but so are most good medicines! I agree with all you say, especially going back to Gravesend & Northfleet, to represent the two Towns the Club serves(even though the majority of people living there don't serve the Club)! If this means losing Eurostars spo
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