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  1. Mark Onyemah - still injured Scott Doe - Left
  2. Thanks Mike - I did not realise there were any videos of the goals.
  3. Millsy - Come into the shop this Saturday and let me have your phone number / email address. I was not there when you came in last week. Or you can phone me on 07791382247 The turn around time at Prokit is usually about two to three weeks, but they are holding two boys' shirts for me at the moment. I will bring those along (I ordered them pre-Lockdown but have not been able to collect them until now). Tony
  4. Thanks to Carshalton for the video - very good quality and an excellent production.
  5. Ann - Same as last season - MACRON
  6. Ann I held back due to the uncertainties around the current season. I have now posted a separate message on the forum. The home shirts are the same as last season. The new away shirts (two tone purple stripes) can be ordered on an individual basis. Price is £45 (adults - home) and £50 (adults - Away). Junior shirts £40 (home) and £45 (away). Tony
  7. HOME SHIRTS - (These are the same as last season's) Our supplier is PROKIT, and their turnover time is two to three weeks. I can order all sizes. from Small to XXXL, and junior sizes. Please let me know what you want and what size you want, either by calling in at the shop or by adding your name to this list. The price for home shirts is £45 (adults) and £40 (Juniors) - It includes badges and sponsorship logo. AWAY SHIRTS - These are the new two-tone purple stripes. In the past, there have been very few requests for away strip, so I will take orders for these, on an individual basis. Price is likely to be £50 for the away shirts. Payment can be made either in the shop or online.
  8. Millsy - please call in at the shop and let us know what size you need. Or send me a message - afchtm@hotmail.co.uk
  9. Colin - What name does Darren want on the Sponsorship page? Is it his full name or just 'Darren'? And one other new sponsor - Roy Thomas is a West Ham supporter, who has followed them since the 1930s, and who is now 85 years old. He has been married for 63 years, and so - welcome aboard to Roy and his wife Mary. And Trevor and Arlotte confirmed for Jordan Clark - Thanks Trevor Thanks - Tony
  10. Thanks to Jago - sponsorship for Colin McBride And Joe the Geordie - Sponsorship for Mickey Parcell And Fred Hawthorn - Sponsorship for Jamie Southon
  11. SPONSOR A PLAYER – 2020-2021 £70 per player We have had an excellent response to this season's Sponsorship, though there is still room for a few more to sponsor a player. Payment can be by cash or by credit card - For cash payment, either to Colin McBride, Tony, or Andy. For credit card payment, please contact Jordan. MANAGEMENT TEAM Colin - McBride - Sponsored by - Jago Mark - Stimson - Sponsored by - Roy and Mary Thomas Tony - Gay - Sponsored by - Bob and Kim Sir Gary - Hall - Sponsored by - Blackballed Ronnie - Hanley - Sponsored by - David Hughes Jamie - Southon - Sponsored by - Fred Hawthorn Timi - Olomofe - Sponsored by - Trevor and Arlette PLAYERS Ellis - Brown - Sponsored by - The Slobs Joe - Christou - Sponsored by - MadAboutFlags Jordan - Clark - Sponsored by - Trevor and Arlotte Nathan - Cooper - Sponsored by - Urchinman1961 Chris - Dickson - Sponsored by - Pony Tailed Urchin Scott - Doe - Sponsored by - Leaside Colts White U10s Harry - Gibbs - Sponsored by - Stewards & Co. Zak - Hassan - Sponsored by - GSS Rickie - Hayles - Sponsored by - Wivenhoe Urchin Sam - Higgins - Sponsored by - Oliver Roberts Oliver - Muldoon - Sponsored by - AVAILABLE Liam - Nash - Sponsored by - Steevie Mac Mark - Onyemah - Sponsored by - Mike Mike Alex Osborn - Sponsored by - AVAILABLE Mickey - Parcell - Sponsored by - Joe the Geordie Louis - Ramsay - Sponsored by - AVAILABLE Charlie Ruff - Sponsored by - Baha Men Lewwis - Spence - Sponsored by - Upminster Taproom Charlie - Stimson - Sponsored by - Ian and Ann Remi - Sutton - Sponsored by - Seanie the Sheep Ronnie - Winn - Sponsored by - AVAILABLE Joe - Wright - Sponsored by - Mitch and Les Walker - Confirmed
  12. And One In The Tree added to list. Please do not send any money at the moment, as the book will be another couple of weeks before it is ready. I will post how to pay closer to the date. Whilst I think of it, I would like to thank both Horsham and Dulwich Hamlet FC who have both given me permission to use any of their other material. Tony
  13. THE SEASON THAT NEVER WAS REVIEW OF THE 2019-20 SEASON Contents – (Over 100 pages) Review of the Season Player Profiles (all players who have featured in the first team squad this season are included) Match Reports (using reports from the opponents) Special Features from Colin McBride and Lewwis Spence. Line Ups, Scorers, Bookings, Attendances, and Appearances. Ten pages of colour photos (all from this season). Plus - Official Programme of the Game that Never Was – Hornchurch v Lewes (The programme was printed but never used as the match was postponed at the last minute) PRICE - £10 Please add your name to the list – Anyone who places their order in advance will be named in the book. 1 – Norman Posner 2 – Fred Hawthorn 3 – John Wheeler 4 – Tony Middleton 5 – And One In The Tree 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 -
  14. Jordan - One for Fred and one for Jago please.
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