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  1. UPDATE - 18-AUGUST-2021 ONE NIL DOWN, THREE ONE UP PRICE - Subscribers - £10 General Sale - £12 As the Open Top Bus Ride was delayed, I waited until it took place in order to get photos of the event. The book is now at the printers, and they have given me a date of 25-August for delivery. Pages - 106 Photos - 129 (34 pages) CONTENTS Subscription List One Nil Down – Three One Up - Introduction Mark Stimson – We Never Give In Colin McBride – A Day We Will Never Forget Tony Gay – People Ask What I Do Jack Hughes – Ain’t
  2. This is a PROVISIONAL list, (we do not yet know the line up for the new season). I have included the names of last season's sponsors, and would be grateful if they can confirm if they want to continue for the current season. Sponsorship is £70 per player, to re paid either to Colin McBride or to Tony Middleton
  3. The Subscription list will close on 20th July. If you want to take advantage of the subscription price, and have your name in the book, please subscribe by 20-July, either by adding your name to his thread, or by emailing me at AFCHTM@HOTMAIL.CO.UK Thank you Tony
  4. Dennis White added - via email. THanks
  5. Stephen Chandler added (via email - book to be posted) Thanks, Tony
  6. Derek Hills added to list (via email) - Thanks, Derek.
  7. Here is the link to the FRONT COVER and BACK COVER Both designed by Jordan BOOK - FRONT COVER.pdf BOOK - BACK COVER.pdf
  8. Graeme Dale added to list - Graeme, send me your address when the book is ready, and I will post it to you. Tony
  9. Keith James, David Bigden, Bryan Parker added to list - thanks Keith, I will post on the forum and on the web site when the book is ready - I am aiming to have it ready by the start of the season. Tony
  10. Janine and Mark Ramsey from Belfast added to list - thanks, I will send PayPal details later when the book is ready. Tony
  11. The running order for the book - Mark Stimson manager) Tony Gay (assistant manager) Colin McBride Norman Posner (secretary) The Wembley Timetable Peter Trinder (Photographer - behind the lens) Jago (commentator) Luke (commentator) The Players (their individual experiences and highlights of the Trophy run and Wembley) Season Review - Part 1 - The Isthmian League and F.A. Cup Season Review - Part 2 - From Bowers to Wembley with comments from Alex Sharp Supporters Section - contributions and memories from supporters Photos - 30 pa
  12. UPDATE (31-MAY) The book will include - Contributions from Alex Sharp, Mark Stimson, Colin McBride, Norman Posner, our two commentators Jago and Luke, and ALL OF THE PLAYERS. The first part is a review of 2019-20 as this was when Mark began to build the team. Then a review of the current season. This is in two parts. Part 1 covers the Isthmian League and the FA Cup. Part 2 is the largest section and it covers all of our Trophy matches, both from our own viewpoint and also from our opponents. There is a separate section devoted to the players, and another
  13. Ray Stainer - David Stainer - Andy Dickinson all added to list - Thanks.
  14. They had plenty of time to do a programme, even if it was only an online version. The easiest way (as they did not know the last Vase team until a week before) would have been to list both of the semi finalists. Or just do one for the Trophy as they knew who was playing six weeks before, and they asked for the players' details in more than enough time to get a programme ready. There is a 'pirate programme' on Ebay (DO NOT BID FOR IT) that is on offer at over £30, and an official team sheet for £5 (you can download one for free from this thread). But why not simply buy the book we are
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