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  1. Brookdale Avenue is the road directly opposite the entrance to the Hornchurch FC ground in Bridge Avenue. Several cars parked oartly on the pavement in this road received parking tickets yesterday. I do not know if the road was spedificlly ticketed because of the match taking place, but please be warned.
  2. Full marks to the Oxford number 15 - when a ballboy fell over quite heavily he ran over to him, helped him up, and checked that he was alright. A very nice gesture that went largely unnoticed.
  3. Just to confirm - It was Tony Gay who got the red card.
  4. When a player is signed, the name used is the one on an Official Document, for example a driving licence or a passport. The full name must be registered with the League.
  5. I have updated the Sponsorship page to take into account the recent signings. (As at 19-January-2022) Janine - Belfast Urchins - for Tom Wraight Dave - Urchinman1961 - for Nathan Cooper Pete - Stewards & Co - now changed to S.A.A.P. (And apologies for missing your earlier email) Tony
  6. >>>>> Regular Users 12 20 posts Author Posted 18 hours ago To keep the discussion going and may be something unique has there ever been a brother and sister? The answer is YES it is unique - it has never happened before - this is the first time that brother and sister have won winner's medals at Wembley. And you will find that Drew Spence has twice picked up a winner's medal at Wembley. As Lewwis said (it's in the book, One Nil Down, Three One Up) - All the years of ups and downs, commitments and sacrifices you made have paid off and both your children have won at Wembley (take that in). Drew you all always said you wanted to follow in my footsteps but ultimately I followed in yours, keep shining.
  7. UPDATE - 18-AUGUST-2021 ONE NIL DOWN, THREE ONE UP PRICE - Subscribers - £10 General Sale - £12 As the Open Top Bus Ride was delayed, I waited until it took place in order to get photos of the event. The book is now at the printers, and they have given me a date of 25-August for delivery. Pages - 106 Photos - 129 (34 pages) CONTENTS Subscription List One Nil Down – Three One Up - Introduction Mark Stimson – We Never Give In Colin McBride – A Day We Will Never Forget Tony Gay – People Ask What I Do Jack Hughes – Ain’t No Stopping Us Now Timi Olomofe – It Was Written! Richard Wheeler – The Classic Talk at Half Time Dave Holland – Wembley Memories Norman Posner – A Day To Remember The Wembley Timetable Peter Trinder – Wembley Through A Lens Neil Duncanson – Let’s Get Hornchurch To Wembley Jago – Unbelievable Jeff Luke Dyerson – It’s Not A Dream, It’s A Miracle Jordan Newman – The Greatest Day Of My Life Player Profiles Season 2020-21 – Part 1 – The isthmian League And The F.A. Cup The Players – What It Means to Me - (Contributions from every player) Season 2020-21 – Part 2 – From Bowers To Wembley The Supporters – The Biggest Day In Our History The Supporters – The Best Marketing Tool Ever Ann Hodgkinson – An Incredible Day Peter Hay – A Supporter And A Steward David Stainer – Close To The Action Ray Stainer – To Wembley And Beyond
  8. UPDATED - JANUARY-2022 I I have revised the list to take into account the changes since the start of the season. Where a player has left I have moved the Sponsorship to the next incoming player. With the season now almsot half way through, if anyone wants to sponsor any player still available, please let me or Colin McBride know - the price for the remainder of the season will be £50https://www.fansfocus.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=3860 Sponsorship is £70 per player, to re paid either to Colin McBride or to Tony Middleton SSPONSORSHIP 2021-22 (UPDATED 20-JANUARY-2022) SPONSORED BY Colin McBride Sponsored by Jago Mark Stimson Sponsored by Roy and Mary Thomas Tony Gay Sponsored by Bob and Kim Sir Gary Hall Sponsored by Blackballed Ronnie Hanley Sponsored by David Hughes Jamie Southon Sponsored by Fred Hawthorn Timi Olomofe Sponsored by Trevor and Arlette Ellis Brown Sponsored by The Slobs Joe Christou Sponsored by MadAboutFlags Jordan Clark Sponsored by Trevor and Arlette Nathan Cooper Sponsored by Urchinman 1961 Rickie Hayles Sponsored by Wivenhoe Urchin Sam Higgins Sponsored by Oliver Roberts Tobi Joseph Sponsored by S.A.A.P Oliver Muldoon Sponsored by Darren (Leaside Colts White U10s) Liam Nash Sponsored by Steevie Mac Ola Ogunwamide Sponsored by Pony-Tailed Urchin Chidubem Onokwai AVAILABLE Mickey Parcell Sponsored by Joe the Geordie Charlie Ruff Sponsored by Baha Men Lewwis Spence Sponsored by Upminster Taproom Charlie Stimson Sponsored by Ian and Ann Remi Sutton Sponsored by Kel Finley Thackway Sponsored by GSS (Paul C) Ronnie Winn Sponsored by MikeMike Tom Wraight Sponsored by Belfast Urchins Joe Wright Sponsored by Mitch and Les Walker
  9. The Subscription list will close on 20th July. If you want to take advantage of the subscription price, and have your name in the book, please subscribe by 20-July, either by adding your name to his thread, or by emailing me at AFCHTM@HOTMAIL.CO.UK Thank you Tony
  10. Stephen Chandler added (via email - book to be posted) Thanks, Tony
  11. Derek Hills added to list (via email) - Thanks, Derek.
  12. Here is the link to the FRONT COVER and BACK COVER Both designed by Jordan BOOK - FRONT COVER.pdf BOOK - BACK COVER.pdf
  13. Graeme Dale added to list - Graeme, send me your address when the book is ready, and I will post it to you. Tony
  14. Keith James, David Bigden, Bryan Parker added to list - thanks Keith, I will post on the forum and on the web site when the book is ready - I am aiming to have it ready by the start of the season. Tony
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