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  1. Special edition WEMBLEY MUGS and WEMBLEY KEY RINGS are now available, and will be on sale on Saturday 17-April, from the Club Shop. Opening hours are from midday to 2 pm. The Mugs are £5 each and the Key Rings £3.50 each.
  2. Pete - Commemorative Mugs will be produced though not until after Wembley, as I want to get the wording correct. I will post details on the forum. Tony
  3. Spence asked - Did the Hornchurch FC history book ever get published ?? Yes - the orginal book was published in 2011 and has subsequently been updated to include a season by season review (from 1923 to 2011) - the update is published in the match day programmes, one season at a time. (I did not publish the updated history in book form as the cost was prohibitive). A second book (The Official History of AFC Hornchurch) was published last season - this was 200 pages in length and covered the period when Hornchurch FC was known as AFC Hornchurch, and a few copies are still available, at
  4. To add to Jago's post - STORTFORD - 1980-81 Prelim - Spalding - A - 2-1 - Midland League (lower) Q1 - Chelmsford City A - 2-0 (SL South) Q2 - Kingstonian -H - 2-0 (Isthmian Div 1 (same league as Stortford) Q3 - Hendon - H - 1-0 (Isthmian Premier) - Higher R1 - Bridgend Town - H 1-1 - A - 2-1 (Southern Midland) R2 - Dagenham - A - 1-1 - H 3-1 (Isthmian Premier) - Higher R3 - Alvechurch - H- 3-2 - Southern Midland) QF - Worcester City - H - 4-0 - (Alliance) - Higher SF - Dartford - A -1-1 - H -2-1 - Southern South) F - Sutton Utd - N - 1-0 (Isthm
  5. A few comments about the Darlington match - Streaming - Excellent (pity about the commentators). Commentators - very one-sided, sarcastic, and made to eat their words. The sending off was a straight red - it was not a second yellow. This is the first time in HFC history that players have been sent off against us in three consecutive matches. The programme is available for download - it is total rubbish, with hardly a word about Hornchurch. It does however make an excellent souvenir. Player of the match - that's easy - Sam Higgins - he only passed a fitness test on
  6. ESSEX SENIOR CUP WILL NOT TAKE PLACE IN THE 2020-21 SEASON BY BENJAMIN PARKS 1 DAY AGO SHARE Statement from the Essex FA A statement from the Essex FA follows: All of 2020/21’s Essex County Cup competitions have been concluded with immediate effect, supporting leagues and competitions to best consider how they can continue to provide participation opportunities this season. Following a period of very careful consideration of all factors involved, and in consultation with local league
  7. hanks John - There is nothing like a good well constructed match report. If anyone is interested, there is a very good report by Ruth Tunnell on the official MU web site.
  8. Ann It's on DAB+ (so no frequencies) You can get it on a Live Stream on your laptop. Type in Talk Sport 2 Live Stream. But you will need to register first.
  9. Dave - They did the streaming using only one camera - they said before the start that they were not using their normal three cameras - so we had to pay for a much reduced service. There was a moment before the start of the commentary when a hand went across the screen, wiping the rain off the lens of the camera. And on three occasions the camera seemed to have a mind of its own, when it went from one end of the pitch to the other. But at the end of the day the little Pub Team from Essex beat the East Anglian Elites.
  10. The programme of this match is now available as a free download on our website. King's Lynn please note - it is FREE - we do not charge £15 for our programmes. A big thank you to the volunteers who spent hours forking the pitch to remove the surface water. The match might not have gone ahead without them. The streaming kept on freezing in the first half, but they seemed to have ironed out the problems for the second half. I was impressed with the commentary, though neither of the two commentators were aware that the match would go straight to penalties. They kept on talkin
  11. King's Lynn Town are classed as an elite team as they are in the Conference (National) League. As such, they have been allowed to continue to train and play, and they get a substantial grant that is intended to cover their losses. Amounts paid to KL not known, but the maximum awarded was reported to be £93,000 and the minimum was £30,000 (per month) - I do not know how much wen to KL. But I do know how much went to Hornchurch (absolutely nothing at all). The National League also stream their matches, and the usual charge is £12 per match, but for the Trophy KL had the choice of a fre
  12. Excellent - yes. But a disgraceful performance by the Tonbridge team, whose mass over-reaction may well have influenced the referee into sending Mickey off.
  13. Mark Onyemah - still injured Scott Doe - Left
  14. Thanks Mike - I did not realise there were any videos of the goals.
  15. Millsy - Come into the shop this Saturday and let me have your phone number / email address. I was not there when you came in last week. Or you can phone me on 07791382247 The turn around time at Prokit is usually about two to three weeks, but they are holding two boys' shirts for me at the moment. I will bring those along (I ordered them pre-Lockdown but have not been able to collect them until now). Tony
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