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  1. Crazy how 2 years ago Villains were one round away from the 1st round proper and now there fighting relegation!! Hope they get out of it!! Love that club!!
  2. Fair play to Mille, sandhurst look a lot better and organised now and to be honest I thought they were better than us today!!
  3. Let's hope so Alan as Steve had done a great job with the pitch and this time the last few seasons the pitch has been awful!
  4. Like playing a friendly Friday night just before out game on Saturday!! Cheers Ashford!!
  5. According to twitter they've gone bust and resigned. Shame.
  6. Referee we had yesterday was the best ref I've had in the last 6 seasons in the CCL. Every other ref wants to come watch him and take notice. Dunno what his name was but he should be ref higher games week in week out. Superb.
  7. Looked on Croydon twitter and it is 9!! Amazing as I have bedfont down as one of front runners.
  8. Lammas 3-2 Wealdstone res A good win against a good outfit will hopefully raise the teams spirits.
  9. Hope the Wealdsone Raider comes tonight!! "YOU GOT NOW FANS"
  10. You talk about how clubs fall, I see Warlingham are bottom of the Elite. That's a shame really when think how strong they were in CCL every season.
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