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  1. That was Dave Kendall's 100th game.. stats on the web site
  2. Funnily enough we had a game recently where 5 of the oppo had different cloured whatsits on! This was the game after a couple of our guys were told to change - albeit before kick off... No consistancy...
  3. Surely the fact that Town is now playing at Ryman Prem and in the FA trophy is proof of success ... just saying...
  4. No offence taken my friend! Enfield Town is mighty fine but just calling ourself Enfield or the E's is wrong to me...
  5. and Steph has just answered my point about subs getting the money... Also having a much smaller fan base we have 1 supporter who is very fond of making his opinion known and complaining about everything... He too liked the freedom of speech - but wasn't so happy when a couple of the players had their freedom of speech as well...
  6. Its weird coming on here reading this! Now being involved in a club that is a mirror image and having half my heart in each camp. Shortwood too have a restricted budget, have a made a massive step up and are struggling to achieve a consistancy in results! I know from talking to my opposite numbers that a lot of clubs in our division can pay players far more than we can - which obviously makes a massive difference, and I also know that in the vast majority of sides a player will pick up money if he is a sub or a sub not used.. whether that is true in Town's case I obviously don't know... the point is I would be happy if both Shortwood and Town finish in a comfortable mid table position. It is easy for people to say get better players - fine, paying for them is the problem! I have discussions with Wood's manager everyweek about tactics, and players in certain positions - and we doon always agree! I suspect if you asked a section of fans to pick a side there would be big variations in tactics and players picked... From a distance, which is all I can do these days, I would be pleased with Town's position at the moment... Do we need to concede less goals - obviously! Getting - so called better players though is a problem unless someone wants to subsidise them... Last point, and off the subject can who ever it is on the website stop calling us Enfield! They don't exist anymore.. Towner and proud of it!
  7. As ever thank you for the highlights much appreciated by us exiles!
  8. Hear Hear! As someone who supports another club as well as Town who has just been promoted and who also operates on a tight budget supporters need to be patient! It is a big step up and supporters need to come to terms with the fact the Town are not going to win as many as in previous years and it takes time to acclimatise... To get players in they have to be better than what you have and fit! and financing these players can be a major issue. Supporters need to get behind the team and give it time - 13th is not to be scoffed at given the above...
  9. and it doesn't matter what we call you then papa...
  10. I don't anyone expects a first team to be sent for a pre season game these days when they don't bother most of the time for cup games.. Frankly papa I think you just like to moan, whinge, complain about every little thing! As others pointed out - you said this was the worse Town side and they got promoted! I am surprised you didn't moan about the play off final only being 1-0! Speaking as someone who only supports from afar these days but still supports I am totally bored with your negativity and sorry attitude! Justifiable critism is welcome - as long as it is tempered with a recommendation for improvement. If you are unhappy - put yourself into a position for change. And I agree with Luddite - you are doing yourself no favours!
  11. God help Steve if we are not in the top 6 by October...
  12. papa will no doubt come on here defending his words, claiming sole responsibility and saying his words spurred the boys on...
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