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  1. Well I for one would welcome a return to this forum as we are now in the Hellenic Prem and not the CCL. So much water under the bridge in the last few years & so much twitch face ache in WFC I just cant seem to keep up with all this app based tech stuff , this is far more my scene. Come on you Leppers.
  2. Thought I would give it a go as the last year or so there has not been much going on in the Windsor forum. First home game against Epsom was good for the home supporters, next home game I thought I would try & get this "Fans Forum" going again with the win over Guildford. Rother said we would be lucky "or words like that" to get it going again, which I as a twit face non user find sad. Anyhow, what a difference a week makes. 4-2 winners against Guildford. Next week 4-2 losers against Bedfont Sports. I do realise that our journey @ Windsor will sometimes be like Chalk & cheese, but its so much nicer to taste the Cheese, like every fan of every club in this league. Best of luck to all this year.
  3. Well I thoroughly enjoyed last nights game & to echo Rothers words on the other forum, best we have played in ages. Pace, Work rate, Teamwork, if this is the start of things to come then happy days. As I walked to the game I was thinking how will we do against prospective title challengers? Keep it tight & maybe we might only get beat 1-0, little did I think we would come away worthy 4-2 winners. Don't get me wrong Guildford are a good team & will be there or there about's at the end of the season with the squad they have. To Mick, his assistants & all the team, keep up the good work its great to see.
  4. Great to see the forum being used again. TBH i'm not that into faceache & twitts. So lets get back to where we were a few years ago. An active forum??
  5. Just imagine if everyone came with a hand bell to ring, it would add another meaning to the song chanted from behind the goal, not only would the opposition suport see us coming they would hear us in true Leper fashion. Go on you Lepers
  6. I am certain my views came from my Gradfather or "POP" as I always knew him. He as I was born & bred in Windsor however for some reason every Saturday when we came back from whatever football match he took me to he would always buy the "Pink Paper, Classified?" & look for the Raith Rovers results, why "the Rovers", I nor my father have a clue, perhaps I was too young & the time to wonder why and ever ask him because I was having such a great time, so 50 years on thats why I always follow whats happening @ Starks Park & Stag Meadow & visit both grounds as oftern as funds permit. Soo many happy memories, both sides of the border.
  7. Well I for one still prefer the "lepers" tag & not "the Guardsmen", being born & bred in Spital. However I have been drumming up the final home game of the season with family. friends & work collegues, so I am hoping that at least 2 of them turn up to swell the crowd. As has been said previously on other threads well done to Guildford City and their achievements over the past 2 years they are going up as worthy champions. This Saturday will be a day for expressing our thanks to a team put together in a very short space of time that has given us our Bi-weekly fix of footy @ Stag meadow. So thanks to all who have contributed to this Brilliant season, Players, Helpers, backrooms staff & supporters, I will like last July look forward to next season so we can carry on from where this club has started this year... Best wishes to all involved with the club.
  8. Question for Rother:- Quote item #13 "Blimey, just seen the final penalty on the Main Forum" Where is this Main Forum & where can us non-IT literate people find it so we can see what's what?
  9. Too late. It takes me longer than that to walk to the ground from home. All joking aside, our back garden is rock solid at the moment and with the forcast showing the temps will not get higher than 2 degrees it just made me wonder if we will get our Windsor fix this weekend. And to top it all off there are very fine snowflakes falling outside as I type.
  10. So with the current weather & what is forecast, whats the chances of Saturdays game being on??????????????
  11. Brilliant Cross from young Laz for the second goal, I do hope the injury is not too bad as he has impressed me every time he's played so far this season. (Great goal in the cup on Monday as well) As for the match, a game of 2 halves or what, Scotty’s team talk @ half time did its trick. And to top off a great afternoon I see Wembley won away from home as well. Come on you Lepers...
  12. Hi Bluenose In Jim Melvin's programme notes "From the Bench" Windsor v Egham 27th Dec, Jim said that Mick Woodham has just taken over as manager & that Dapo Abitogun, George Gould & Ben Harris have gone out on loan to Bracknell to get games & help them develop. Hope this helps?
  13. Today was just not going to be for Windsor, enough said. Worst moment of the game for me was late into the firts half when It was sad to see any sportsman taken off the pitch on a stretcher, and then to be driven away in a Ambulance is even worse, is there any news on the Mole Valley player who left the ground like this today, best wishes to him on a speedy recovery. Great to see the flodlights on for the full duration of the match. Roll on Monday night..
  14. Having a lifetime affiliation with Spital, I think Richard's suggestion could stand the test of time, It would certainly turn some heads at the games when the opposition hear Windsor supporters chanting, Lepers, Leperrrs, Leepperrrrs especially if the crowd were ringing bells as well???
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