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  1. Windsor 0 Walton & Hersham 0 Game dominated by two great defensive displays. Thought Walton & Hersham had one of the best defences i've seen at this level they wont concede many this season as long as they stay together. Sad to hear the young lad Williams has left Windsor for sunny Spain. Windsor's main problem as it was last year is that the team seems to change every game.
  2. Great sponsorship....but the kit is the worst I've seen in years..and that's coming from a Windsor follower..
  3. According to twitter Cove v Windsor was abandoned after 10 mins due to fog....
  4. Windsor 6 Sandhurst 1 into stoppage time
  5. Totally agree Rother...the most disappointing thing for me is the constant lumping of the ball from one end of the pitch to the other..get the ball on the ground and pass it around...
  6. If no teams get relegated from the Premier in my opinion it makes the season a complete farce and a joke. It means that a lot of the games played were a complete pointless exercise.
  7. At the Sandhurst v Windsor game last Tuesday the Referee was Andrew Connor and he had the AR's running the lines the other way round..
  8. Windsor 4 Camberley 2 Sandhurst 2 Epsom & Ewell 1
  9. Sandhurst 0 Windsor 1 Windsor were exellent for the first half hour..after that were nowhere near their best but Sandhurst are a poor side. Yet another set of officials who seemed to love themselves!
  10. Personally speaking i don't have a problem with Guernsey and i am looking forward to seeing them when they come to Windsor on Easter Monday..but having seen 3g and 4g pitches mentioned wouldn't it have made sense to get a good playing surface in place be it grass or artificial before Guernsey applied to join a league on the mainland..just saying.
  11. The ref at Windsor last night missed a stonewall penalty to Windsor..he was only standing 5 yards away and the lino who was standing right in front of me never saw it either..then 5 minutes later Windsor were awarded a penalty which was never a penalty in a million years..clearly a foul on the Flackwell defender. After a chat with the lino..the same one that missed the first penalty..the ref changed his mind and gave a free kick to Flackwell. The right decision in the end but that 5 minute spell was just the start of it.
  12. Yep..cracking cup tie at Windsor last night. Very even game i thought with Flackwell Heath getting the winner in the last minute..the referee and lino's had an interesting game!
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