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  1. HP9

    Hanworth Villa

    Very well said Fuzzy Royal
  2. HP9

    Club House Hire

    Could anybody let me know how much it is to hire the club house for an evening. Obviously the bar would need to be open.
  3. HP9

    Ben Harris

    I see Ben Harris is at the football club, the last time I saw him play was at Beaconsfield where he was an excellent goalkeeper. Is it right that he is now playing up front. If so it looks like you have two players for the price of one.
  4. I cannot read the report of saturdays win over Cove Fc, is there any reason why I cannot get the page up as I have used two different computers. I thought maybe there was a problem with the page.
  5. HP9


    He is a good player and could easily play at this level. Whether he's better than what we have got only time will tell.
  6. HP9


    What happened to Lazar, is he injured or was he just left out.
  7. And a merry christmas to you to Geggy, its nice to know that you do understand those peoples frustrations. I do agree with everything you say apart from the two fingered gesture to all the wrong people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I suppose it's a shame that some people are so bitter about how well the new club is doing but guess we should smile and rise above it confident in the team's ability to shove it where the sun don't shine.... but I suppose we might have similar (hopefully unvoiced) resentments if another club with better facilities and better support came down into our League and took it by storm. I would imagine the people that are most bitter are the ones who were owed all that money and then see you have almost the same team, manager and a chairman who's been there for 14 of the last 15 years. At lea
  9. How is Robert Lazachek playing, he has a lot of potential the last time I saw him play last season.
  10. HP9

    FA Cup

    I saw the game against Slough and trust me they are a decent side and their support is unbelieveable considering the league they play in, even though they will probably only get that sort of support in the FA Cup, but they are very, very vocal. I would still obviously fancy Totton to beat Hanworth Villa as Slough just seemed to roll over once the game became difficult when Hanworth Villa equalised. I'm sure Totton are a much tougher nut crack, but good luck to Villa.
  11. Yes, good luck Dave Mudge. I'm sure you will be a success at Didcot FC.
  12. How the hell do I know. We haven't even got a manager. The Chairman wanted Keith Scott and he does not come cheap. So I'm just telling you that there is probably more money available than you think. Bully and Ryan Parsons have both been advertised by Windsor FC as signings ( Both senior players with experience of playing higher levels )
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