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  1. Peter Hinds is who you're talking about - he went on to play in the top league of Japan, Scotland and Portugal (where he was top scorer for one season for his club C.S. Marítimo). He only stopped playing about 8 years ago at the age of 45 ish and is currently the manager of a Northern Irish non-league team.
  2. The Ultras facebook page has been open for just 8 days and we already have 466 members - impressive! Granted, not all of them are going to be able to turn up to games ... but if just a small percentage do show up then we'll really be able to make some noise behind the goals!
  3. I with Steph on this one - success will not be instantaneous. So long as we progress from season to season, I will be happy. If that means we finish one place higher than last season, then in my opinion we have improved. It would be awesome to have someone who is willing to pump loads of money into the club so we rise three or four divisions in a row - but I would be far happier with the club being self sustaining whilst progressing slowly at the same time so that I have an Enfield Town Football Club to take my grandchildren to in decades to come. For anyone who has seen the plight of
  4. To be fair, people already consistently swear, rant, rave and abuse players and officials. At least with the Ultras, we have made it clear from the onset that this sort of behaviour isn't acceptable and that we are there to produce a vociferous, positive, friendly atmosphere with good natured banter. I for one think it's funny to wind the opposition keeper up - but I don't think it's funny to call him a "F*****g c**t" because he happens to be taking a goal kick and is near our supporters. Plus, I will have the moral courage (as well as encouraging others) to step up and tell people to
  5. Don't worry, me and my brothers have already agreed that if one of us wins the lottery then we plan to invest heavily into the club. Off to buy some lotto tickets now. Wish me luck.
  6. Enfield United - I agree with all the comments you made. I certainly won't condone any "nasty" abuse of opposition players ... especially if it's unwarranted or particularly abusive and threatening. When I said that there will be swearing - I meant in the sense of when it's casually used, perhaps because of what that particular person is used to. Take myself for example - I've been in the Army for 8 years and I do have a tendency to swear. Simply because the environment and people I work with it's generally common practice to swear when expressing anger or delight ... and anything in between
  7. With regards to the behaviour of supporters who may become involved with the Ultras - on entering the Queen Elizabeth II Stadium, all supporters are subject to the rules and regulations set by the club, the Football Association and the law of the land. I've made that quite clear since the day I officially formed the organisation. The Ultras will not act as a shield for anyone that may wish to flout the rules which are already in place at the club and we will certainly do our best to "police" ourselves. I have also spoken to the club to inform them of where we will stand at home games and this
  8. How about a compromise? Can we not adopt the German football model of making it mandatory for 51% of the club to be owned by supporters - with the other 49% being available to be owned by anyone else, whether it be one individual, or several people. That way, not only do the "fans" retain overall ownership of the club (whom would be able to veto any major decisions) - but it would also make the club far more attractive to any potential investor who could actually own a substantial chunk of the club, instead of the current "One Share Only" model. Should also add that the Youth teams
  9. Encouraging stuff so far - I've had some very good resposes both on here and via email. So far we have several people who have said they will join us behind the goal - all voicing the same reasons as I did about why they don't join in with songs at the moment (either due to not knowing anyone, or there not being an active organised group of people to sing with). These are the things that I will be doing: 1. Purchasing a large "Enfield Town Ultras" flag to be placed where we stand at every home/away game to signal to supporters where we are. 2. Setting up a website for photos and v
  10. My thoughts exactly - the first game I ever went to with Enfield was against Hayes at home ... I think we drew 1-1 (either way it was a really boring game to be honest) but the singing and atmosphere was what seriously got me hooked. I want it to be like that again. As you have all replied to this thread, you have de facto become members of the Ultras. Whether you like it or not, muu ha ha. Send me a private message on here, or an email to r0bsven@hotmail.com and I'll keep you updated with plans. Enfield Town ULTRAS - formed May 2013. "Rifling through our veins!"
  11. Just need an uptake ... I can confirm that I will be getting a large "Enfield Town Ultras" flag created out of my own cost. I'll also set up a website similar to the Clapton Ultras site which will primarily have photos and videos. We need a motto ... suggestions? "Enfield Town Ultras - RIFLING through the veins!" Geddit? Enfield/Rifles/Rifling ... ba dum tish! I'll get me coat. Actually I quite like the sound of that. Hmmmmmmmm. With a couple of added pictures of old Lee-Enfield rifles in the corner of the flag. GENIUS!
  12. Ok ... this may be quite a long winded post, but please bare with me. Background It has been noted by several posters on this forum that the atmosphere at some of our games has been lacking. There are severable contributable factors to this ... such as being 4-0 down on a cold, wet and miserable tuesday night for example. However, even when we're winning on a rather nice day, there does seem to be a lack of vocal effort from behind the goal. PLEASE do not feel offended by this statement if you prefer to watch the game in peace. I will never criticise anyone for not wanting to join in with
  13. Agree with some of the points raised so far in this thread ... I don't particularly enjoy hearing supporters continuously criticising players throughout an entire game - however, frustrations of a poor performance can certainly lead to this and is understandable in some respects - so long as it isn't nasty and isn't continous to the point where it just becomes bullying. We have to remember that these players aren't superstars and the majority of them are playing at a level of football they simply aren't used to. If a player gives 100% throughout a game but simply isn't good enough, th
  14. Found this article on him - he scored 34 league goals in 2010/2011, 25 league goals last season, and has already scored 21 league goals this season. PLUS his contract expires in the summer, so Needham will be looking to offload him for decent cash before the end of the season to prevent him leaving on a free. http://www.greenun24.co.uk/non-league/newson_aims_to_continue_goalscoring_form_for_needham_market_1_1136113 "Top-of-the-table Needham entertain Grays, who have an identical playing record so far this season and are second on goal difference, in the match of the day in Ryman Leag
  15. Just been looking on the Ryman League website, and it would seem that Mr Newson of Needham Market has already scored 21 goals for Needham in the league this season, and 29 goals in all competitions! That is phenomenal, bearing in mind we're not even halfway through the season yet. Last season he scored 25 league goals for the club, so he's nearly already surpassed that figure already. Anyone know anything about him? I've looked on their club website, and tried Googling him, but information is few and far between. Surely one for the future, I can imagine a few higher league clubs being inte
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