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  1. I saw this on the Daily Mash satirical news site the other day. You'll have to follow the link to see the photo and caption, though. http://www.thedailym...t-201201124760/ Everyone to start supporting Barnet FOOTBALL supporters are to switch their allegiance to a team whose scumbags they have never heard of. [photo] Everyone must now despise Enfield Town Third division club Barnet FC will prepare for the influx of several million supporters by borrowing some folding seats from a nearby church and 'muddling through'. Fan Martin Bishop said: "As far as I know, none of Barnet's squad have put their penis into any of my relatives or blacked up recently, so I have no reason to detest them, as yet. "I will miss supporting players that have some nominal control over where the football goes and looking at a pitch with grass on it, but it’s a small price to pay compared to the mental energy I have been expending inventing imaginative tortures for eleven people I've never met." Experts predict it will take Barnet’s 17 million new fans approximately three months to start loathing aspects of their new team, probably after an incident outside a nightclub involving a watermelon, a 17 year-old girl and an innocent cat. Footballologist Wayne Hayes said: "The critical mass for [****!!****] footballers - the number past which some form of dickery will present itself - is four, so Barnet should contain about six people you wouldn't trust to sleep in your shed." Bishop added: "I'm sure that before too long one of them will say something horrible to Park Ji-Sung, but in the meantime ‘Come on you badgers!’. "Have I got that right?" They seem a little confused. Why have they got an old squad photo of EFC with Enfield Town in the caption? Very poor.
  2. Cheers for that, Duke. Have ordered the latest issue. The Town are also featured in the latest Groundtastic (GT67). There was a half-page feature in the autumn issue too.
  3. Well, I've had a go at translating the first part of this but the presenter spoke so quickly at times I couldn't get all of it. STEVE NEWING: Manager, Enfield Town FC Kirby, Kendall, Jonny Moore and Ewang… PRESENTER: We are in the locker room of Enfield Town, a London football team that...[unclear] And for good reason… [unclear] evolved in the eighth division across the channel. But just 10 years ago, Enfield in its own way upset the landscape of English football by becoming the first club in the kingdom to be created, owned and run by its own supporters. UNNAMED FAN: All the money we raise goes straight to the club. In that way we own the club. We hope to be able to buy better players when we get more money and hopefully progress a bit. PRESENTER: Tonight Enfield Town open their new stadium against the reserve side of the prestigious Tottenham Hotspur. With their miniscule budget, it’s impossible to… [unclear] But pitchside as well as in the club bar the 200 fan-owners are clearly proud to have resuscitated a local football club. The old club was liquidated because of the owner’s poor management. PAUL MILLINGTON: Chairman, Enfield Town FC Everyone feels involved. People give their time freely because it’s their club as much as anyone’s. Everyone pays €12 and gets a share and a vote – it’s a democratic club and works very well for us. PRESENTER: Enfield Town were helped by Supporters Direct, an organisation set up by the Labour government at the end of the 90s to help supporters take over their clubs. SD REPRESENTATIVE: There’s 26 clubs controlled by their fans, in football, rugby, basketball and hockey. In football, it’s 21 clubs in the UK, so England, Wales and Scotland. PRESENTER: Do you speak to French fans? SD REPRESENTATIVE 2: Yes, we’re working with the Nantes supporters’ society, which is called A La Nantaise. They’re trying to have a say in the running of their club. [AFCW bit follows ]
  4. Just searched YouTube and found a couple - end of the game in this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1_xZ3TuZ34 And a Spurs fan sums up the game. Very complimentary about the Town http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oLc9zEuM8g I work in media evaluation, which means I can call up any channel from the last few weeks and watch it. Can't record, unfortunately, otherwise I'd put the Sky footage up myself. From what I've scanned so far (about 4 hours) I can tell you there were a few clips shown yesterday - a 30-second bit featuring both our goals, and a minute-long one with the teams running out, our two goals and an interview with our esteemed chairman Has the club asked Sky for the footage yet? Perhaps it could be shown in the Butler Bar. Brilliant night on Tuesday - well done everyone!
  5. Well, it was mentioned in the Non-League Paper and on last night's Non-League Football Show. Paul Millington did a short interview at the end and plugged it then. Presenter Caroline Barker also half-promised to get him in the studio. Maybe next Monday? Yesterday's Non-League Show is here. Interview from 53 minutes 16 seconds in.
  6. Happy birthday Medders! Don't know if he'll see this - does he do computers yet?
  7. Haven't received mien yet Are we speaking French on this board now? Moi non plus, je n'ai pas reçu le mien. (Trans: I haven't received mine either) I'll get my manteau...
  8. 10-June 11 - Happy Birthday Ron Merlin :)

  9. Saw this in Richard Godwin's comment piece in the Standard yesterday. Link: http://www.thisislon...ut-of-london.do Ignore the house price bit and scroll down. Text: Enfield's footie glory is only a billion away Congratulations to AFC Wimbledon, promoted to the football league just eight years after fans formed their own breakaway club in response to the original team's move to Milton Keynes. I await a similar resurrection for my own local team. When I was a teenager, Enfield FC was always threatening to "do a Wimbledon" and rise up from the non-leagues. How we cheered at the swashbuckling cup victories over Cardiff City and Peterborough, the mazy runs of Martin St Hilaire, the sure head of Gary Abbott! Except the chairman screwed things up royally. The ground was sold to Tesco and the supporter-run Enfield Town split from the loathed original, Enfield 1893. Both teams will play in the eighth tier of English football next season. It remains a cherished dream that one day the Es will rise again. Anyone know a local billionaire?
  10. It looks like Saracens are stitching up B****t now by taking the Copthall stadium. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear BBC story here
  11. From this week's Advertiser: http://www.northlondon-today.co.uk/News.cfm?id=37452&headline=Stadium%20receives%20%C2%A3250,000%20to%20help%20restoration%20project Screen grab below - click to enlarge. Good stuff!
  12. Here it is: Link: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23890426-rundown-stadium-gets-a-pound-250000-legacy-boost.do Text: Rundown stadium gets a £250,000 legacy boost Matthew Beard, Sports News Correspondent 22.10.10 An athletics stadium where British champions Sebastian Coe, Daley Thompson and Linford Christie once competed has become one of the first major beneficiaries of the Mayor's fund to boost sport before the Olympics. The Queen Elizabeth II Stadium in Enfield will receive £250,000 from the Olympic sports legacy fund as a contribution to a £1.2 million upgrade. The stadium is one of 14 awards totalling £1.2 million from the facilities pot of the £15.5 million legacy fund which was established by Boris Johnson last year. It aims to deliver a grassroots legacy in London, where only one in five adults regularly takes part in sport. Cash from the Mayor's fund will be used to refurbish the changing rooms of the art-deco style, Grade II-listed stadium in Carterhatch Lane, which was inaugurated in 1953, the coronation year. It was closed two years ago after falling into disrepair and became a magnet for flytippers. Schools were forced to cancel their sports days or transport pupils to the Lea Valley stadium five miles away. The turnaround came in October 2008 when the local council struck a deal for Enfield Town Football club to move in and become the anchor tenant. This summer a new track was laid and the refurbishment will be completed with the Mayor's cash. Speaking at the unveiling of the track, Lord Coe, who trained there in the Eighties, said: "I competed at the QEII stadium as a young athlete. It holds some special memories for me and helped shape my career. London 2012's vision has always been to use the power of the Games to inspire change, and Enfield demonstrates how Londoners are taking advantage of the once-in-a lifetime opportunity of staging the Olympic and Paralympics in 2012." Other beneficiaries of the fund announced today include a squash and tennis club in Bound's Green, refurbishment of the Crouch End lido and a new sports hall in Redbridge that will be used by Olympic athletes.
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