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  1. started mate but took myself off as i wasnt well. i was ill in the morning i thought id be ok to play but wasnt. good luck in the next round mate.
  2. whoever told you that must have rose tinted glasses first 25 frimley on top but other than the first goal and one save pretty much just through ball posession the last 20 was all fleet after a slow start an rightfully went in 2-1 up it was almost as if we hadnt had ht fleet wouldve won comfortably the second half was a bit two an throw no real pattern of play a long throw which wasnt dealt with frimley scored the same at the end a long free kick wasnt dealt with an green had an easy tap in was a fair result imo but alot more no niether keeper really had saves to make two each at the most but t
  3. south park ressies i believe .....................he'll be back
  4. good to hear mate, wheres all the controversial posters, whingers, do gooders a bit mundane on here now
  5. the only reason i come on here is because of you smudge how are you mate?
  6. abbey vs lammas was a decent game lammas shading it in the first half with a good strike after stone had punched clear only for the lammas cm to return top right hand corner. first half was mostly lammas due to retention of ball. second half was all abbey lammas look tired but dealt with most abbey chances until a soft pen was converted then ten minutes later good free kick was despatched by the same player i think. abbey had a young player not sure of his name but he changed the game quick direct an made things happen. good game i thought both tried to play football some tasty challenges a
  7. he was there last season just shouts complete nonsense an his people skills are terrible, considering there a young side do they need berrating......i think not
  8. no i think not i was told what happened by who was involved and there at the time it happened............only reason mentioned is maybe it had something to do with barnards departure seeing as he was once a pro........
  9. id like to think so pal ...................saw your old man end of last season at farleigh did he tell you about my 40yd strike??? hopefully catch ya at a game mate you at horley still?
  10. not by choice pal just need a club............red reputation and 37 is a little against me lol was training at villa for first 3 weeks of season
  11. against hanworth i heard there was a mass brawl cant elaborate as i dont know, just through the grapevine ive heard.........vs baggy lea
  12. spelly was £7 which i think is steep but then this is the first time in many seasons im not signed so would be playing rather than watching
  13. watched spelly vs camberley last night. cambo came flying out the blocks and were 2 up inside 15 minutes, spelly looked poor from previous seasons where theyve been compact and solid throughout. only staples, flatty an remedios from last year. until johnno came on in 2nd half did they really look like troubling cambo. ref was card happy last night but not consistant when a strong tackle i think was a red gave a yellow but lesser tackles got the same or unpunished. cambo very organised and look like the team that finished last season after they got thumped by horley.
  14. see where it says "suggests" ...........is that damning i think not
  15. it wasnt a case of not giving the manager a chance 4-5-1 it was a case of going to a club that is growing and progressing. Stu and Gav bamford along with two others are at cb who have big plans.......redrup cant commit due to work reasons an so has dropped a level. I think after laleham tore them apart you could say there gonna struggle it couldve been a much bigger scoreline but when 3 points are available it changes your mentality, fairly decent win at frimley but then there pre season suggests that there going to struggle aswell.
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