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  1. I am very interested to read what Rich has to say about the Epsom & Ewell v Alton fixture. And just what has happened to Molesey of late?
  2. Fingers crossed eh? What's your gut feeling as to whether or not the game will be on or not?
  3. There are some absolutely excellent comments on this thread. Lets take Krooner's comment about 31 youth teams within the Camberley Town set up. Would that be in the region of 300-350 kids? How many parents? Therefore, how many voters... Now, if some of the parents can be motivated enough to get involved, they could make it a little less comfortable for the councillors in Surrey Heath.
  4. Exactly how I saw it and commented at half time that even though we were 1-0 up at half time it was a closely contested game played on a very soft surface. Second half and a totally different story. Some really good goals scored as well which is always nice to see. Ref watch? Well, after my rant of a week ago, I will say that it was a pleasure to see a referee actually bother to talk to the players and captains throughout the game that was competitive yet played in a good spirit. The red card as mentioned by TRS did not have any numerical affect as our player went off injured and we had us
  5. It goes without saying that everyone is welcome at Stag Meadow. If we play as poorly as we have in our last two games, and as badly as we did against Badshot Lea earlier in the season, anything could happen. No Dan Hicks with a hideous ankle injury and Ben Harris probably warming the bench at Dulwich this afternoon. Fingers crossed for everyone going that it stays dry.
  6. Isn't the Basingstoke Canal behind one of the goals? Well, almost.
  7. I wonder how many of the clubs in the same situation of Lammas, MV etc have invited local councillors to games in order to see that football at our level is a hell of a lot of fun? Can't do any harm and it may actually help in the longer term.
  8. So Smudge me old mate. You DEMAND apologies from all and sundry when you think that they may be in the wrong. However, when proven otherwise and that it is YOU that really should retract that request at the very least, you go into hiding. Me slippery as an eel eh? Rather that than a slimy, wrinkled old slug which certainly doesn't have a back bone. Isn't it about time you had another drunken rant over the FA or something?
  9. If you can show that I have incorrectly named the referee on this forum please quote it and I will apologise.
  10. Which pretty much sums up his performance which was a farce from start to finish. What I want to make perfectly clear is that I have absolutely no issue with the way Alton Town played. You deserved the win as you were better than us. You adapted to the conditions far better than we did and you did not let us play the way we prefer to. I look forward to seeing you again next season.
  11. Please can you dig up the post ON THIS FORUM where I have named the referee. I have named him - probably erroneously (For the benefit of Smudge and Duncs that means in error) elsewhere and apologised accordingly. Just what is your problem?
  12. Congratulations Smudge on finding my comments on the Windsor forum. If you scroll down far enough you will find an apology at 4.03pm today Please try and keep up.
  13. Have another go. It should have been a free kick but he changed his mind and gave us a throw in instead.
  14. In the two and a half seasons that Windsor have been going, this is the first time that I have lost my patience or my composure and decided to state my mind. So, if what I have posted is too sensitive for your delicate eyes I suggest that you go and do something a little bit more genteel like crochet. God knows how much crap and drivel has been posted over these two and a half seasons and the one time that I decide to say it as it is you want to go running to the Mods. I stand by what I have said. The referee was a disgrace and should not officiate at any level ever again. I think the
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