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  1. I remember him scoring a quick fire hat trick at Edgware,which even the great Denis Greene stood & applauded
  2. DERBY


    Yes Daz Matt replied to me,I have booked it with him,we will probably be sorting the niceties out before the next home game,weather permitting of course. I always promote the club wherever & whenever I can Thanks for your help
  3. DERBY


    Thanks Daz I will resend my original now
  4. DERBY


    Is anyone out there checking the e mails for hiring the clubhouse I sent an e mail a couple of days ago asking for availabilty of the main hall & the directors lounge for a wedding reception on 31.08.12 but to date I have not had a reply,maybe I have got the wrong e mail to send it to but it was sent to the one shown on the website Can anyone help please,I am getting grief from my missus I might even have my pass stopped for the next home game & we wouldn't want that now woould we
  5. Went to Egham v Hanworth Villa yesterday along with a few others from Windsor & I have to say that Egham made Hanworth look ordinary,I am sure that Jim Melvin came to the same conclusion as us but it has to be said that although Egham played well & looked far more dangerous up front than they did against us it just goes to show what a preformance our defenders put up to snuff out Egham. But bear in mind that Hanworth were five players short & most of them are due to be back against us.
  6. Just as a little aside to this,will the school car park be open for us,as I doubt we will be able to get our cars outside the ground
  7. Yash (2) Ryan O'Toole (1) & Dapo (1) Good performance all round & a good game played in the best spitit as well,thought Shrivenham played well too,but as said above I don't think the result was ever in doubt.
  8. DERBY

    FA Cup

    I saw them play against Bedfont Sports in the first round,they didn't look all that to me but it was the same sort of situation as they were in playing Slough,Bedfont Sports were looking for a bit of a giant killing,but I will tell you this they will not lack passion or stop trying,their manager will not allow it. I am told that there supporters were a slight problem at Slough but that is only heresay
  9. Beware The Royal oak is probably the most expensive pub in Windsor
  10. I presume that this meeting is still taking place,as there has been no more mentioned about it & the private function being held
  11. Will lost Windsor supporters be welcome on Saturday
  12. DERBY

    Season tickets

    As a matter of interest where are the season tickets for those of us that have already joined the founder supporters scheme,I assume that they will be on the gate on Saturday
  13. DERBY


    I will put cheque in post tonight Malcolm. You will find my form under Ken Hallsworth,now you know who Derby is don't you
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