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  1. Yep it's so boring now and why anyone would even listen to those overpaid lieing scumbags now is beyond me. Merry Christmas and party on SSML forum users have a great one! 👍
  2. Sadly it seems to be the new normal and some people seem to like it for some strange reason. Government is not your friend.
  3. https://www.brentfordfc.com/news/2021/november/match-report-for-broadfields-united-vs-brentford-on-23-nov-21/
  4. Oxhey Jets have defenitly steadied the ship and turned the corner 👍
  5. Aylesbury Vale's number 10 Davis Haule has been playing forever 👏 Got to be well into his 40's now 👏
  6. Yep scaremongering to the highest degree! 🤔 Got to be clever enough and strong enough not to full for any of the 🐂 💩 The NHS is in meltdown every winter and has been for the last 10 or so winters.
  7. Was waiting for the Rhodes nonsense post 😃 Take care of yourself Rhodes hope you are well 👍
  8. Yep I've been told by a couple of people that Southall FC are splashing the cash about this season.
  9. Yes I do. It's always interesting when a manager or player posts on here 👍
  10. I noticed that there old guard group of players had left the club and that explains why 🤔
  11. Mr Sweeney used to post on this forum not so long ago didn't he?
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