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  1. Any idea why the game was not played at Ashford Town FC?
  2. https://www.hertsad.co.uk/news/local-council/colney-heath-fc-need-parish-council-letter-7930720
  3. Division One is going to look so different next season 😜
  4. Colney Heath Football Club can confirm that we will be submitting our application on Monday to accept the @FA ’s invitation to play at Step 4 next season.
  5. 8,000 fans can go and watch Man City v Spurs on Sunday but 0 fans can go and watch a Step 5 or Step 6 ⚽ match 🤔
  6. Play the games in Shopping Centres and then you will be able to go and watch them 😉 🤔
  7. I didn't as I was out watching some local grassroots ⚽ 👍
  8. It's a shame that there supporters could not be there to sing them on to victory 🙁 A great result today 👍
  9. Scott Savoy is top guy and a massive loss for the club that's for sure.
  10. Amersham Town, Hillingdon Borough, London Tigers and Rayners Lane could be Combined Counties bound 🤔
  11. Saving the hallowed turf for next season 😂
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