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  1. Yep I've been told by a couple of people that Southall FC are splashing the cash about this season.
  2. Yes I do. It's always interesting when a manager or player posts on here 👍
  3. I noticed that there old guard group of players had left the club and that explains why 🤔
  4. Mr Sweeney used to post on this forum not so long ago didn't he?
  5. Anyone know where Kew Park Rangers U23s play there home games? Many thanks for any info 👍
  6. Richard Pacquette is on fire for Harefield United right now. I see recent new signing Louis Bircham scored two goals for Harefield United.
  7. The way things have been going at Oxhey Jets FC recently I bet they begged Bob to give them the letter P 😉
  8. Rhodes take over and do your own Rhodes Insane Ramblings from where ever you are! 😃
  9. I see the Inch brothers are back at Oxhey Jets FC trying to help the club that are in free fall right now! 😬
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