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  1. Yes he played for them in the 2006/07 season they were a Step 4 club then.
  2. petethegreek i think WB was just joking as Rhodes is the person who posts a lot on here about Adam Wombwell who WB thinks is a Sunday League nobody.
  3. Hillingdon Borough FC @hbfc_1872 Players Wanted We are looking for players with experience in non league football to come and join our young squad! For more details please contact our Director of Football @cipry99
  4. END OF SEASON 2019-2020 SUMMARY Our Director of Football Cipri gives us a summary on his 1st season at HBFC. I want to start this by saying thank you to everyone for the unforgettable season 2019-2020. It was a season with lots of ups and downs. When I came to the club in February 2019 our 1st priority was to reduce the fines and restore the reputation Hillingdon had at that time. Beginning of 2019-2020 we sat down and set some realistic targets for the season. We have started the season very positive with a successful trial where we had over 50 players attending for a spot in our 1st team squad and collaborating with other clubs around us bringing players on loan. Lets look at some of the achievements we had in the 2019-2020 season: -Round 2 in FA Vase -Winners of Respect team of the month October 2019 -Team of the month NOVEMBER 2019 -Reduce fines with over 70% compared to 2018-2019 seasons. -Respect league Winners Hillingdon Borough (best in division AND league for no sin bins) (also note up from 19th last season) -Special Award Hillingdon Borough best respect record in the league no sin bins. -Red cards 0, Sin Bins 0, Yellow Cards 45 Looking back to what we have achieved together, makes me very honoured to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people. It was a difficult season for us but our admin team has done an incredible and impossible work, to make sure everything is done right and this couldn’t have been achieved without the hard work that Dee/Reece/Julia/Ben/Aqeel. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the people who have been close to us and helped us when we were in need of help. Everyone from Middlesex FA, Spartan South Midlands League, Danny (Manager Uxbridge Fc), Mark (Manager Marlow Fc), Tony Choules (Manager Egham Town FC), Craig (Social Media support) and many more that have been part of our journey last season. A massive thank you to all of our sponsors for supporting us and standing behind us through difficult times and happy times. Now we are looking forward to a great future where we can build on what we have achieved so far. In the next weeks we will announce our strategy within the FA guidelines for the coming season. Now is time to work on what is ahead of us. “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” Ciprian Director of Football Hillingdon Borough FC
  5. Looks a lovely pitch/place a much nicer place to watch a game of footy than a Premiership or a League ground 👍
  6. Proud FC Oswestry Town director of football laments causes behind club's folding FC OSWESTRY Town’s director of football believes the lack of support for the club, in both fans and finances, is what led to its demise this weekend. The team had been competing in the North West Counties League First Division South and were in second place on 66 points – and surefire candidates for promotion – when the decision was made to cancel the season and declare the result null and void because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nick Maguire admitted he felt the club was not backed by numbers through the gates but says he and his fellow committee members are proud of their efforts over the course of the last decade. We just don’t think there’s a place for a semi-professional club like FC Oswestry Town for a town of Oswestry’s size,” said Mr Maguire. “We just didn’t get the numbers through the turnstile – The New Saints don’t get the numbers either. “We get a handful of people who wanted it but we needed hundreds of people though the gate. “To the people who did come and support us, and to the businesses in town who did give us financial backing, we thank you. “And to The Venue as well, who have provided us with somewhere to play for the last 10 years – we wouldn’t have found a pitch like that anywhere else.” Mr Maguire said the club could be proud of its success. He said: “We have done lots of fundraising for charities over the years, and we have enjoyed that. Plus, we have provided hundreds of footballers over the years with somewhere to play, whether that’s first team, reserve team or with the under 18s, and we’re really very proud of that.” Mr Maguire confirmed the decision to cease playing was taken by the committee, who added that the lack of fixtures has resulted in a shortfall in funding, forcing the decision. A spokesman for the club explained the decision in a statement online over the weekend and pointed to lockdown and the curtailed season among the chief reasons. It said: “It is with a heavy heart that FC Oswestry Town have made the sad decision to fold the club. “The difficult decision has been made due mainly to the Covid-19 pandemic that resulted in the curtailing of the North West Counties League and the FA’s ruling to make the 2019/20 season null and void which robbed us of a hard earned promotion. “The committee has been working over the past four months but due to financial difficulties that we are currently facing we are unable to keep the club alive in the professional way that everyone involved with the club would like. “Financial difficulties due to the denial of promotion to a higher league, no fixtures being played since March and no opportunities to raise funds externally means we are in no position to commit to the forthcoming season. “As a club we have had an amazing short history with a hugely successful team that gained promotion to the North West Counties League (NWCFL). “The success continued with this years fantastic team that was on the verge of promotion to step five football and the FA Cup.”
  7. Matthew Dainty @demodainty Having been involved in non-league football for over 25 years one thing is frequently overlooked, volunteers keep non-league football running! Never take your volunteers for granted, treat them with respect and thank them for their work and they’ll repay you a million times over. 👍
  8. Still 2 1 at the mo so go for it even though the closing date was the 21st of June 😞
  9. If the non-league season starts in September, the FA believes a full season can be completed. However County & League Cups may have to be ‘revised’ for a year. This table was part of a presentation given to the leagues.
  10. Well you love all things SSML and you are retired so that ✅✅ two box's 👍
  11. A bit out of date but it will be interesting to see who takes up the post? Were you not tempted to come out of retirement Rhodes?
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