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  1. Yep I know some and have met some ground hoppers that wont step foot in a ground if there is not a paper programme available but clubs have to think about other things and not just keeping some ground hoppers happy by filling up there plastic bags 😉
  2. Ampthill Town seem to be quietly going under the radar and getting results. Maybe one to watch out for this season.
  3. Yes obviously the club wants to at least be in the Championship when they move into the new ground and I do think there is a decent chance that the club could get relegated this season. Every decent player the club has gets sold to a bigger team so every season there is a big change to the first team squad. Brentford FC is a nursery club for the big teams to be honest. For me IF Brentford stay up that's job done in my opinion.
  4. I would say 17,250 is enough for Brentford in the Championship and below but it COULD be a problem IF they were to get promoted to the Premiership. Sharing with London Irish RFC is all about the money which sadly Brentford FC has become more and more about these days especially since they have been in the Championship. The areas and roads around Brentford's new ground are going to be gridlocked on match days its going to be a nightmare. There are already major traffic problems in the area around Brentford's new ground now. Sorry I'm
  5. Yeah its early days but one goal scored in there last three games (all defeats) the alarm bells will soon be ringing if they are not carful. Will just have to wait and see I guess.....
  6. Broadfields United are struggling by the looks of it. What a great result for Hillingdon Borough. Wow! I don't know the line ups but St Panteleimon look like a team that is only going in one direction and that is up with maybe a cup or two joining them on the way.
  7. It is indeed. The game ended 2 2 last night and it was well worth the entrance fee 😉 A good game.
  8. I see Oxhey Jets striker Nicholas Kerley was among there goal scorers yesterday. A team from a higher level should give him a try if they can tempt him away from the bright lights of Oxhey 🙂 he's a decent striker.
  9. They are still unbeaten and a point is a point after all.
  10. Harefield United will do ok this season and they might even surprise a few people. In Andrew Harewood, Tashan Jordan, Richard Pacquette and Leonard Farhall they have good goal scorers. Tring Athletic away was always going to be a tough game for The Hares or any team in the league to be honest.
  11. Ian Basher Bates dream start to the season is over against one of my title contenders. Lets see if they can bounce back. A Premier Division lesson for The Hares today. A St P are human after all 🙂
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