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  1. Hhhhhmmmmmm...... Season 2019/20 is now null and void so that should then mean that everything? not just the results and league standings are null and void Right? Shouldn't teams 2019/20 seasons fines be added to that? #Justaskingthequestion? #Itdoesnteffecteitherway
  2. They are hard-core I tell ya 😀 I do worry about some of the hard-core groundhoppers mental health at the moment for a lot of them it's there life.
  3. I hope Winslow Boy continues to post his stories as they are interesting. I just wish he would name drop
  4. Ex Hertford Town FC and Hoddesdon Town FC striker Tommy Wade is now playing for Ware FC in the Isthmian League South Central League.
  5. I haven't been there for a few years but I remember it having largish terracing around three sides of the ground and plenty of bars to lean on.
  6. R.I.P. Eddie Large thanks for making me laugh when I was a kid.
  7. Ex St Margaretsbury FC, Hertford Town FC and Hoddesdon Town FC striker Leigh Rose is now playing for Ware FC in the lsthmian League South Central League.
  8. St Albans City FCs ground springs to mind as still being an old skool non league football ground?
  9. Yep I loved the floodlights as well and it was a cracking ground as well.
  10. No but I've been to there new ground. There's something really sad about seeing a football ground rot away. I'm guessing it's a housing estate now? 😡
  11. If this season 2019/20 is void then it should mean that everything is void for the 2019/20 season including fines right? And not just the results and league standings.
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