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  1. The last time Leighton Town lost a game was on the 8/10/19 in the league away against Biggleswade United. Leighton Town have been on some run of late.
  2. I'm guessing it had something to do with the weather and Harefield Uniteds pitch needing a rest. Its a nice little set up at Rayners Lane FC.
  3. But did they need home advantage did they heck! Broadfields United 2 CB Hounslow United 0 A good clean sheet for the ex Hanwell Town number 1 Kieran Jimmy.
  4. Didn't know Wembley FC had a club shop? mind you I haven't been to Wembley FC for a few years now. I wonder if that old number 7 top was one of Ian Basher Bates old tops? I want one
  5. Wow 3 goals and 3 massive points points for North Greenford United could that be the turning point for there season?
  6. And Broadfields United have now lost the home advantage 🙂
  7. Larkspur Rovers are much improved this season and have B.Esprit scoring the goals for them this season. Hiltop FC are decent team who do there research on there next opponents they smashed there rivals Yeading Town 5 0 yesterday.
  8. I like little grounds like there's that are surrounded by lots of trees and have a nice little stand.
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