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  1. The last two seasons have been a mess and a waste of time. Leagues need to 100% make sure that this doesn't happen again next season.
  2. I wonder who was in the Spurs line up that day πŸ€”
  3. πŸ˜‚ Everything that our Government has done in the last year has really worked so well as Britain has never been in a better state then it is right now so we must trust them with our life ok πŸ˜‚ or we will be punished πŸ˜‰ If this Government and the previous Governments had really wanted to protect the NHS so much then why have they all made so many cutbacks to the NHS over the years πŸ€” they don't give a πŸ’© about the NHS.
  4. Just in time for Boris Johnson's big mega speech on the easing of the Lockdown πŸ€” 3 weeks to flatten the curve eh!
  5. I'm sure the dugouts were in front of the clubhouse then I think πŸ€” near the players entrance to the pitch. I can't really remember.
  6. Lewis Todd and Keegan Coles names ring a πŸ”” Vince Purdue is a ex Hanwell Town and North Greenford United coach.
  7. Ryan Kinnane aka Stretch πŸ˜€ is ex Hanwell Town, Berkhamstead, Hayes & Yeading, Harefield United and he is a top guy and a decent player πŸ‘ I didn't know that he now played for Hemel. Bircham? On the bench?
  8. I joined Twitter in December as I have been so bored πŸ˜‚. Been watching lots of ⚽ on tv the special excemsion ⚽ that is still being allowed to be played πŸ€” (πŸ’© without supporters though) and doing the it thing that is going for Walks🚢and going for nights out in Club Sainsbury's πŸ˜€
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