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  1. A good thing i think. I have little faith in politics if im honest. They all seem as bad as each other in my opinion.
  2. Kensington Borough FC have officially changed their name to Kensington and Ealing Borough FC. The change has been approved by Middlesex County FA.
  3. Nope no The Only Way Is Essex for them now but it looks like Hadley FC will be Essex Boys now.
  4. I don't mind Donald Trump if I'm honest. All the former Presidents of America were trigger happy to be honest.
  5. I don't really follow politics to be honest and these days I follow it even less. Ive been hearing Boris Johnsons name mentioned a lot over the last few days so I'm guessing that he might be the front runner for the job in the race for the hot seat.
  6. Many Thanks for the info. I went to Walton Casuals ground over 10 years ago now and I remember it being right by the river.
  7. It now looks like both clubs could be appearing in the new series of The Only Way Is Essex
  8. What happened to Walton & Hershams and Walton Casuals old grounds? I'm guessing they built houses or flats?
  9. Any idea when it will all be finalised?
  10. Yep Harefield United FC are back where they belong as they say.
  11. More awards for Harefield United FC. What a great season for the club. http://www.spartansouthmidlandsleague.co.uk/respect-team-of-the-month-awards-for-april/
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