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  1. It seems British Airways FC have signed lots of new players including the goal machine that is Bilal Butt who scored two goals on his debut against Hanworth Villa on Saturday. British Airways 5 Hanworth Villa 3.
  2. For the whole season? or just for the Vase game? games.
  3. NW London v Harefield United Last season NW London played there home games on a basic 3g pitch in Acton I'm guessing this game wont be played there? have they got a new ground?, just renting a ground for there big day? or playing it at Harefield United FC? NW London were a Middlesex County League Division One (Step 8) team last season.
  4. Why did Aylesbury FC change there name to Aylesbury Vale Dynamos? did they merge with another club? also how have the Aylesbury supporters taken to the new club name?
  5. Brentham 6 Wembley 3 What a good end to end pre season friendly and the better team won to be honest. It was Step 7 v Step 5 and the Step 7 team matched the Step 5 team in every area. I know it was just a friendly and Wembley had some trialists and new players playing but so did Brentham. The Wembley manager Ian (Basher) Bates will not have been happy at the final whistle and some of those Wembley players that played today may have blown there chances of wearing the Wembley top again. A good game.
  6. No not anymore RB I resigned from the Hanwell Town FC committee last Summer 2018 and I haven't been to watch them play since there last home game of the 2017/18 season. It just wasn't for me anymore I wasn't enjoying it as much as I used to and things had changed for me at the club and also I moved a bit further away from Hanwell Town FC. Im still in contact with a lot of the Hanwell Town people and follow there results. These days I prefer watching Step 7 and below football so me and the old man just hop around our local Middlesex County League clubs, Southern Amateur League clubs and Surrey Intermediate League clubs. We just make a list of games each week for the Saturday then we make our choice of game on Friday eve or Saturday morning and of we go
  7. That job has got to be a headache maker.
  8. Some good games there. Broadfields United v Leighton Town, Harefield United v Dunstable Town and St Panteleimon v Dunstable Town stand out for me.
  9. peterthegreek was also a good poster but he also seems to have gone of the radar.
  10. Bad in my opinion but I guess only time will tell.
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