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  1. SPARTANS ADULTS FC pre season fixtures. Sat 9th July WESTSIDE FC (home/ 3pm k/o ) Sat 16th July BRITISH AIRWAYS FC (home/ 3pm k/o) Sat 23rd July LYNE FC (away/ 3pm k/o) Sat 30th July CUBO FC (home/ 3pm k/o)
  2. Taken from Twitter. Spartans Youth FC would like to welcome former Tottenham Hotspur Manager KEITH BURKINSHAW to SPARTANS ADULTS FC in becoming our new club president. Keith was the last Englishman to win a European trophy for an English Club.
  3. Jim Powell's funeral is at Breakspear Crematorium in Ruislip on June The 23rd at 1:45pm for anyone wishing to attend.
  4. Bedfont & Feltham FC Gateman Jim Powell passed away on the 25th of May in Hillingdon Hospital from a heart attack. I also believe that he sometimes did the gate at British Airways FC home games as well and in the past he did the gate at Hanwell Town FC from time to time. Jim Powell was a proper non league football man and he was a member of this forum under the name Step 7 Jim. Jim will be sadly missed around the local grassroots football grounds especially in the West London area and North West London area. R.I.P. Jim Powell
  5. 16/07/22 Cockfosters v Northwood (KO 3PM)
  6. Where do they play there home games these days?
  7. 😮 How do London Tigers FC continue to survive in that league? 😮
  8. Scored 10 goals in 29 games for promoted Southall FC.
  9. 😮 You will never please everyone as they say.
  10. Will play pre season home games at there former ground in Brentford I believe.
  11. Welcome and good luck 👍
  12. The club are set to leave there groundshare at Hanwell Town FC at the end of this season.
  13. Richard Pacquette with his 16th goal of the season! He's still got it 👍
  14. Yep it's so boring now and why anyone would even listen to those overpaid lieing scumbags now is beyond me. Merry Christmas and party on SSML forum users have a great one! 👍
  15. Sadly it seems to be the new normal and some people seem to like it for some strange reason. Government is not your friend.
  16. https://www.brentfordfc.com/news/2021/november/match-report-for-broadfields-united-vs-brentford-on-23-nov-21/
  17. Oxhey Jets have defenitly steadied the ship and turned the corner 👍
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