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  1. Savagebee - I thought the game was on Saturday 30 July but in Sunday's Non League paper it had it down as Friday 29 July, was that a mistake I got sundays non-league paper and its got it down as Saturday 30th July in my copy of the non-league paper which is the correct date for the Hanwell Town v Southall game!
  2. They are indeed! away games by the sea can never be a bad thing!
  3. Which one of your teams pre-season games are you looking forward to the most ? and why ? For me it is the Hanwell Town v Southall game because it is our first home game of pre-season and i have a soft spot for Southall as i have been to watch them play a few times over the years i saw them play twice at their old Western Road Ground in the early 1990s it was a great old skool ground!
  4. I agree its a proper old skool footy ground! http://hoppysnaps.blogspot.com/2008/06/edgware-town-june-2008.html
  5. Anyone know when the 2011/12 Spartan South Midlands League fixtures will be out ?
  6. 30th July Hanworth Villa V Tokyngton Manor KO 14:00 @ Rectory Meadow.
  7. Yes thats true! i did nearly miss the entrance! Did anyone use the ground last season ?
  8. Well it looks like seats have returned to that stand! I remember i very tight walkway along one side of the ground and that you could not walk along the side where the dug outs were it was a strange little ground!
  9. When i last visited the ground in 2008 there was a covered hard standing area behind one goal and a covered seating stand behind the other goal!
  10. I think its to do with the cost of running a reserve team but dont quote me on that but we do have a U18 team!
  11. Have they done any work to the ground have they done it up or any think anyone know ? The last time i was at the Viking Sports Ground was in 2008!
  12. Yeah i thought they looked good last season we were lucky to snatch a draw with them at home!
  13. They are hard to find! Also not having a reserve team doesnt help we were down to our bare bones towards the end of the season!
  14. I hope so and i do think he will be at the club next season he scored 36 goals last season and im sure he would have got to 40 or more if he hadnt struggled with a injury for the last two months of the season his record of 106 goals in 149 games is damn impressive!
  15. Yes i support Hanwell Town and all i said was that I will be surprised if they havent folded by exmas! that doesnt mean i want to see Tokyngton Manor fold i have nothing against Tokyngton Manor! I hear Southall may become Hanwell Town's new lodgers for the 2011/12 season!
  16. I will be surprised if they havent folded by exmas!
  17. Inverness Caledonian Thistle & Truro City ! Inverness Caledonian Thistle & Truro City ! Oh well at least Amersham is nearer than those two
  18. It is a strange choice as ground share for Tokyngton Manor its a long way away! Anyone know what the other ground share options were for Tokyngton Manor ?
  19. Hanwell Town 2011 Pre Season Friendlies. Sat 16th July Chalfont St Peter ( @ British Airways Ground Cranford ) Tues 19th July Northwood ( @ Bisham Abbey ) Sat 23rd July Brockenhurst ( Away ) Tues 26th July Bedfont Sports ( Away ) Sat 30th July Southall ( Home ) Sat 6th Augest AFC Hayes ( Home )
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