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  1. The club is delighted to announce our new management team as James Green and Jordan King. James has been coaching our MJPL and Southern Counties YFL sides and Jordan led Aston Clinton to success from 2015-2018. All at the club wish both James and Jordan success in their role!.
  2. Yep that's why they should get next season started ASAP July in my opinion. Winter time is the Flu season. Simples.
  3. You are right Mr Rhodes 👍 Start a new Friendlys topic please 👍
  4. FRIENDLY MATCH We are delighted to announce that we will welcome @AmershamTownFC to the Recreation Ground for a friendly match in May! Details will be announced in due course.
  5. I watch a bit of the Surrey South Eastern Combination League and it's decent well worth a watch 👍
  6. Spartans Youth FC are to resume playing matches on Sat 10th April 2021 in a group containing :Holloway / AFC Spelthorne / Guildford Utd / Lyne / Merrow / & Staines Lammas.
  7. Can't believe a pre season thread has been started in March 😂 I suppose anything is possible theses days 😬 Your right he did 👍 Congratulations Mr Rhodes on being nominated 👍
  8. They need to start next season early (July) to get as much of the season played before our Supreme Leaders lock us all down again in the winter (and they will) and we are still not even out of this 3rd bloody lockdown yet. I can totally understand why lots of clubs want nothing more to do with this shambles of a season. This season and the season before can not happen again next season. Simples.
  9. OFFICIAL CLUB ANNOUNCEMENT: Following Ken Charlery stepping down as manager last week, after a shareholder meeting today, the club are pleased to announce Jack Metcalfe ( @Jack1Metcalfe ) as 1st Team Manager with immediate effect. News on Jack’s Backroom staff to follow
  10. Any ⚽ played in April, May and June is better than nothing in my opinion but I totally understand Leagues and Club not wanting to bother playing again until next season and cutting there loses as our Supreme Leaders could easily change there minds regarding the easing of the Lockdown. This ain't over. Next Season needs to be thought about long and hard. This season has been a shambles.
  11. The last two seasons have been a mess and a waste of time. Leagues need to 100% make sure that this doesn't happen again next season.
  12. I wonder who was in the Spurs line up that day 🤔
  13. 😂 Everything that our Government has done in the last year has really worked so well as Britain has never been in a better state then it is right now so we must trust them with our life ok 😂 or we will be punished 😉 If this Government and the previous Governments had really wanted to protect the NHS so much then why have they all made so many cutbacks to the NHS over the years 🤔 they don't give a 💩 about the NHS.
  14. Just in time for Boris Johnson's big mega speech on the easing of the Lockdown 🤔 3 weeks to flatten the curve eh!
  15. I'm sure the dugouts were in front of the clubhouse then I think 🤔 near the players entrance to the pitch. I can't really remember.
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