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  1. Lewis Todd and Keegan Coles names ring a πŸ”” Vince Purdue is a ex Hanwell Town and North Greenford United coach.
  2. Ryan Kinnane aka Stretch πŸ˜€ is ex Hanwell Town, Berkhamstead, Hayes & Yeading, Harefield United and he is a top guy and a decent player πŸ‘ I didn't know that he now played for Hemel. Bircham? On the bench?
  3. I joined Twitter in December as I have been so bored πŸ˜‚. Been watching lots of ⚽ on tv the special excemsion ⚽ that is still being allowed to be played πŸ€” (πŸ’© without supporters though) and doing the it thing that is going for Walks🚢and going for nights out in Club Sainsbury's πŸ˜€
  4. When I last went to the Spikes Bridge Complex it was just a 3g pitch in a cage with changing rooms. If they were a Step 7 club they might be able to play there πŸ˜‰
  5. The ex Oxhey Jets, Edgware Town and Rayners Lane number 1.
  6. Covid-19 cases are dropping so now they are door to door testing πŸ€” Yep that's the man or should I say the fake cry baby!
  7. I trust nothing that the fake cryer says! πŸ€”
  8. Not a bad idea. Most people just want to go and watch a ⚽ match any ⚽ match.
  9. Where's all this money coming from? Will the Tax payer pay the price in the future?
  10. Christian Barrett was a great clubman for Southall FC before he joined Harefield United FC I think he still turns out for there reserves.
  11. Some might not be able to afford to play? Also there jobs might change and not have time to play anymore? Also some clubs may stop paying players? As every penny will count for some clubs now even more than before. All of this is now well and truly in the game changer zone! 😬
  12. Nah way before my time Rhodes. But I was at Hayes v Cardiff City (@Brentford FC) and Fulham v Hayes in the very early 1990s πŸ‘
  13. No I wasn't at those games for some reason. Hayes FC striker Lee Charles on the front of that programe. Ex QPR FC as well.
  14. It wasn't the best of games to be honest and knowing the ground was soon to be gone was in the back of most of the club's supporters minds. They did play a Hayes FC Legends V Yeading FC Legends game after that game as the great grounds final send off.
  15. Cool I will vote Edgware Town for ya πŸ‘
  16. It is refreshing but it won't happen im afraid 😞 This season is well and truly over. Leagues, Clubs and People need to now focus on next season and try to work out how best to ensure that the 2021/22 season gets completed. The last two seasons have been a joke.
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