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  1. 30 goals in 39 games in the 2011/12 season.
  2. Yeah they won't return there. Nomads for the near future and probably for the long term future.
  3. Last known address was Kings Langley FC 2014/15 season.
  4. Yes I was thinking just the same thing when I was watching episode 6 😃
  5. Watched episode 6 yesterday and 3,4 and 5 the day before it is a great watch I must say 👍
  6. Nice face mask hygiene there 🔝 I can't think why Covid-19 infections have gone up since face masks were made mandatory on public transport and in shops 🤔
  7. What's everyone up to this New Years Eve? I'm having a quiet one and staying in 😂
  8. Yep it's very sad and I've heard lots of similar storys over the last 10 months but as I keep saying our Supreme Leaders are only interested in Covid-19 and nothing else. I would be very interested to hear the daily deaths to the Normal Flu (Which seems to have disappeared 🤔), Cancer, MRSA, TB, Smoking, Suicide, Aids, Natural Causes, Other Viruses and Other Disease's ?. The Papers, Newes and our Supreme Leaders don't seem to tell us those numbers do they 🤔 We all know this season is over like we all know 2021 will be another year of our Supreme Leaders telling us/you what you can do
  9. Always enjoyed my visits to the place a nice ground and club.
  10. Cheers Rhodes I'm going to watch the 3 episodes above this afternoon 👍
  11. Yep our Supreme Leaders only have Covid-19 on there agender nothing else what so ever matters anymore. Life is Covid Covid is life.
  12. I think that most leagues will put the 2020/21 season out of its misery before to long. By the end of Jan will we be in tier 10 at this rate.
  13. Wow so he is back at the club then 👍 A good few of the club's best players from the last 10 years seem to returning to the club so no wonder they are 2nd in the league and a joy to watch at the moment.
  14. A good post 👍 I've heard bad things about St Albans City in recent years but I always enjoyed visiting there ground but i haven't been there for over 10 years now. You wouldn't happen to know the whereabouts of the ex Oxhey Jets midfielder Sim Armstrong?
  15. Why did they cross our Doms name out? 😃
  16. They don't make them like Basher anymore 🙁
  17. For me there is more for the youngsters to worry about these days. Hancocks fake crying will do the youngsters more damage now that's scary.
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