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  1. Who is the giant? Between you and the keeper? He's got to be at least 6ft 6? Happy Birthday WB ?
  2. Can't see them going back there and i don't know how they survive in the current climate to be honest ?
  3. Some serious away day traveling for London Tigers FC next season ?
  4. We are delighted to announce Tony Kavanagh as our new Director Of Football at Colney Heath FC. He brings a vast amount of experience to the club and we can’t wait to be working with him! Welcome back to Colney Heath Football Club Tony!
  5. Any idea why the game was not played at Ashford Town FC?
  6. https://www.hertsad.co.uk/news/local-council/colney-heath-fc-need-parish-council-letter-7930720
  7. Division One is going to look so different next season ?
  8. Colney Heath Football Club can confirm that we will be submitting our application on Monday to accept the @FA ’s invitation to play at Step 4 next season.
  9. 8,000 fans can go and watch Man City v Spurs on Sunday but 0 fans can go and watch a Step 5 or Step 6 ⚽ match ?
  10. Play the games in Shopping Centres and then you will be able to go and watch them ? ?
  11. I didn't as I was out watching some local grassroots ⚽ ?
  12. It's a shame that there supporters could not be there to sing them on to victory ? A great result today ?
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