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  1. There seems to be no sign of a light at the end of the tunnel 🙁 Our Supreme Leaders are still locking us down 9 months later. Do Lockdowns realky work? I'm really not sure if they do and Covid infections seem to have increased since face masks were made mandatory in shops and on public transport. WB is right it will be another null and void season again. It's only a matter of time before this is confirmed in my opinion. Keep the faith 😉😂
  2. Yep enough is enough in my opinion. Im sure our Supreme Leaders already have more Lockdowns planned for next year they just haven't informed the peasants yet of there plans. #Governmentsarenotyourfriend
  3. Yep agree it's done. Way to many hurdles for non league footy this season. This season needs to be put out of its misery ASAP. #GUTTEDANDP#SSEDOFF
  4. Yep this season is over end of. 2021 will be the new 2020.
  5. All are off now 😲 at this rate they might aswell suspended the football leagues again. I've got four very local games to choose from today 👍 I hope. I think it could be the last chance salon for non league ⚽ today 🙁
  6. What about the other games in Div 2? Also it doesn't seem to effect as many teams in the Premier Divison? or Div 1? Just interested. I don't really follow Div 2 so I don't know about the club's locations. With that rule and Covid infections not many games will end up getting played by the looks of it 🙁 All but one of the Middlesex Premier Division games are off.
  7. Just a bit of a gut feeling think both teams have plenty of goals in em 😃👍 probably end up a nil nil now 😂
  8. Always the plan the Government just like to play it out they already have plans for spring and early summer im sure but they will tell us the little people nearer the time.
  9. Biggleswade United v Oxhey Jets Leverstock Green v Edgware Town Hillingdon Borough v London Tigers (behind closed doors) These 3 games should be interesting games.
  10. 😉 16 goals in 14 games for Lewis Putnam now 👍 The Jets are up to 5th now with games in hand over the teams above them 👍 #Darkhorses
  11. The Essex Senior League has suspended league games. Statement: “As we are entering Tier 3 we have decided to uphold our previous decision and suspend playing football until the next Government review - games will be suspended from 16/12-23/12 across both divisions.”
  12. Listen I've always rated Fergus Moore on and off the field but he's left the club now and Rak is now in the hotseat and I hope the club does well as I've always had a soft spot for the club for some reason.
  13. WB please don't predict on here as your predictions are normally correct 😉
  14. What tier 3 means for football: Elite clubs cannot have fans Non-League steps 3-6 can have fans up to 15% capacity Grassroots can have spectators Grassroots players & clubs can’t travel in/out of tier 3 areas Fans are told not to travel in/out of tier 3 areas
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