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  1. Scott Savoy is top guy and a massive loss for the club that's for sure.
  2. Amersham Town, Hillingdon Borough, London Tigers and Rayners Lane could be Combined Counties bound ?
  3. Saving the hallowed turf for next season ?
  4. Surrey Elite Intermediate Football League Inter League A Full - Time NPL 0 Ripley Village 2 ATT - 16 My first ever visit to NPL FC ? It was great to be back watching Grassroots ⚽ again ?
  5. Yep I have to agree that I don't like the new Full Time Website format ? At the moment it's putting me off going on the Full Time Website as much as I used to to be honest.
  6. ? It all continues to get more and more silly every day.
  7. The CCL Forum used to be decent back in the day. It's very quiet on there these days.
  8. Just from a friend whos involved at a non league football club. Just rumours but interesting rumours as most rumours tend to be. Will see I guess.
  9. Ha Ha Rhodes your wrong my old china. Wait and see ?
  10. Yep it's going to look something like that from what I'm told. Will see. SSML Division 1 is very interesting ?
  11. Combined Counties League North is the rumour ?
  12. I'm hearing some very interesting rumours regarding what club's will be and won't be playing in the SSML Premier Division and Divison One next season ?????? It could be interesting ?
  13. You can still catch and spread Covid-19 even if you have had one of the many Vaccines now available. 3 weeks to flatten the curve and here we are ONE year later ? Next season will be another mess at this rate im afraid.
  14. I see the above has already been posted on the SSML Managers Topic ?
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