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  1. Happy Birthday grandad!

  2. SSML division 2 and Middx County both same step in pyramid. So are you saying clubs coming up from dv 2 are bound to fail too?
  3. Why do you keep dragging up posts from years back. See a heading, looks interesting, then find it is info from ages back, with a question tacked on end. Just start a new bloody thread.....
  4. good banter .....racist and homphobic chanting? see link as put on by chris above
  5. After 18 months of silence on a thread, open a new one. Never met Horace, but from what I read he speaks sense, unlike some......
  6. digging up threads from 1 1/5 years ago now - get a life. again I thought a new topic, to find it dated 2009!
  7. WB the teams I follow are under my user badge... Was born in Eton, lived in Burnham most my life and moved to Cheltenham 14 years ago. Used to watch loads of local teams back home which is why still interested in SSML. Followed Slough since 1986. Cleeve (next village from here) since moved down, and Barmouth for 20 years.
  8. Did not say they were brilliant, just pointing out a fact. Wish they were good always had a soft spot for them, as originally from the south bucks area myself. Also wish you guys had gone up WB, still there's always next season, but strange things sometimes happen between now and August anyway.
  9. Not wishing to enter what appears to be a private argument, but Stony Stratford finished below Amersham. With Benfica pulling out, that puts them third bottom., outside the bottom two relegation places.
  10. Have Amersham finished in bottom two, when you take into account sporting benfica's withdrawall? I may be wrong, and only an onlooker from afar, but thought there was still one team below them at the moment. If it stays that way, they in effect finish 3rd bottom due to benfica.
  11. been scanning the Kempster forum again then Rhodes........only place that was advertised as far as i know was our forum, and i put it on the kempster one as off. lot of cut and paste you do from there to here isn't there, match reports and the like. forgot you a source of all knowledge!
  12. So Ian's word is not good enough for Rhodes. If he has the gent's details from payment, just accept it. But no, you will continue to be right of course.....
  13. 12-October 10 - Happy Birthday grandad :)

  14. Think problem was I thought I was logged in as had ticked remember me box, but was actually signed in for some reason. Now logged in again, and appears ok. Thanks.
  15. It will not be a Tuesday anyway, Cleeve play on Wednesdays. Shame it's off, as Cleeve are now my local side and was going to come and cheer them on against you, wearing my Slough scarf of course! Not suprised off, as ground is mile away from here and snow hardly lifted at all today, and is now freezing again.
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