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  1. Following a pitch inspection, Badshot Lea v Merstham (being played at Ash) is OFF - Frozen pitch.
  2. Premier Cup: Westfield v Dorking. Now OFF: Waterlogged pitch.
  3. I'm glad I never attracted the wrath of Rich!
  4. There's a quirk with the retrospective action rules. The current rules are a consequence of FIFA directives. Basically, it is NOT allowed to retrospectively change a decision made by the officials if they saw the incident in question. In this case, the referee said he _did_ see the incident (clearly not correctly though!) and so nothing can be done. FWIW, I don't agree with this being the case, my feeling is that it is more important that the correct decision is reached.
  5. No match fee for officials on the Surrey cup finals. Honour and the medal! Oh, and a training t-shirt. Full kit on the more senior finals which is a nice touch too. If you're really lucky, there are even some sandwiches left by the time you get to the boardroom
  6. Yes, should hopefully be a good game. Presume the pitch (as always nowadays) is draining well!
  7. Plus Sky Sports were scheduled to be there tonight!
  8. Cove passed an initial inspection. Because of the forecast, follow-up inspection at 12 and then will be down to the match referee.
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