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  1. Blimey cup of tea unfortunately you were spot on
  2. Burdy

    Buildbase 25k Competition

    Done also Jean and my grandson Frankie
  3. Great result good crowd 291 now onward and upwards so sorry I could not be there
  4. Burdy

    Merry Christmas

    Season's greetings to you Tea and to the rest of the Urchins. Upwards and onwards for the new year k
  5. Feel we could win this one go for 2. 1 to the urchins crowd 180 as it's the Sat before Christmas. Come on chaps wear a jumper and Christmas hat.
  6. Burdy

    Player update please

    All the best for the future to Leon has played well for the club. Good luck to the other players leaving and welcome to the new ones.
  7. Burdy

    Message from Jim

    Come and relax on the East side Jim
  8. Burdy

    Mark stimson

    Good news. Bit of a theme starting here our Secretary is ex Thurrock as well as our new manager. Onward and upwards.
  9. Burdy

    Thanks for everything Jim

    What can I say that's not already been said. It's with sadness i learned that Jim is going he has taken this club to winners of the league last season after his stroke. He is an example of politeness and true dedication i fully second what cup of tea has said. Going to miss you on the touchline Jim God bless and good luck for the future. Enjoy the rest
  10. Brightlingsea have played 6 matches at home in the league they have drawn 1 game and lost the other 5 so I can see a 2 nil win for urchins with a 280 crowd
  11. Burdy

    Predictions Hx v Benfleet ESC 3RD Tue 6th Nov

    Go for a good win 100 crowd 3. Nil to the urchins.
  12. Be close urchins have few injuries could be another draw
  13. Missed the first two goals whilst packing up 50. 50 table. We passed the ball around instead of long kicks real joy to watch.
  14. Burdy

    50. 50 Draw

    Jean and myself try to get you to buy programme and a draw ticket for the 50.50 draw could I please ask if you have a spare quid on you please buy a ticket it's a cash prize and the other half goes towards the coach to away games. If you can help the club spare a pound for the old bloke sitting at the table by the entrance and be in it to win it.
  15. Think it could be close with a goal in it for the urchins. 280 crowd.