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  1. Well done lads what a result onwards and upwards
  2. Happy New Year Colin to you and your family also to all at the club. Hope Jean and Myself will be able to get to the club and matches in the new year when we can get out of luck down Jean and Pete
  3. Sorry we have not attended any home matches this season but Jean is slowly getting over her stroke and we have my mother living with us. At 97 she is very active but she has not been out since April and we have to be careful not to bring home any infections. So for a while we are self isolating as a precaution. Miss the club and supporters hope to see you all in the near future. Pete and Jean
  4. Sorry Jean and I can't be there
  5. Sorry Jean and Myself not been I have just come out of hospital Pete Bur D
  6. Well suppose we have no choice but to be in it will do £5.00 for six Pete and Jean living the life in lock down
  7. Not the way I wanted the season to end thanks to everyone at the club and the Saturday faithfull. We could have won this but life is never straightforward. Onward to next season when ever that may start. Have a great summer and keep safe God bless you all Jean and Pete.
  8. It could have been worse we could have been sitting at the top of the table with promotion in the bag and have the carpet pulled away. We as a club have been through worse hopefully the season will start in August and we start again. Come Urchins
  9. Live rugby league on sky Salford v Wigan
  10. If we were in Scotland could have gone ahead all events up to 500 crowds allowed
  11. Thanks for all you done Marvelous good luck for the future
  12. There is a sign at the club stating we are a family club and abusive foul language and behaviour will not be tolerated. I think this sign if we can find it should be posted in the ground again but it upsets me we should need to do this.
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