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  1. Thanks for all you done Marvelous good luck for the future
  2. There is a sign at the club stating we are a family club and abusive foul language and behaviour will not be tolerated. I think this sign if we can find it should be posted in the ground again but it upsets me we should need to do this.
  3. Well done Jordon and all.involved great result
  4. Hope you all have a great day well done to all involved
  5. I thought the excuse for losing against us was the grass was too long was the worst excuse I've heard but this poor excuse beats that hands down.
  6. Hornchurch have been drawn away to Brentwood in Essex Senior Cup.
  7. Glen Tamplin has announced he is standing down as owner and director of Billericay as of today. But remember tomorrow is another day and he could come back again or the club is looking for finance to pay the club's running. Interesting times ahead for the club.
  8. Jean and Pete Burd will have 29 Feb please Jordan
  9. Jordan Jean and I will be there
  10. New sponser to be named on 1st July
  11. Grays Athletic putting on Twitter from Isthmian League AGM that next season Bostick will not be sponser of league and it will not be called Bostick League. New name not given yet. Well that name did not stick long. 😯
  12. Very sad news condolences to Ken and his family. Jean and Tina sat at the table selling programmes and 50:50 . Really going to miss her God Bless Tina RIP Jean and Pete .
  13. Congratulations to Alex hope your future goes well.
  14. As long as he stays off the beach he should be OK 😂
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