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  1. Lads have played well unfortunately at the final it was not enough.Team came alive in second half. Next season onward and upwards one sea side away venue Canvey. Congratulations to all who arranged this match today. One down side the flare thrown into the pitch.
  2. The security by internal.stewards was poor they should have been down in front of fans facing them and backs towards the pitch. Did little or nothing to stop people getting into pitch. I do not condone this practice of going into pitch.
  3. That's the one Rob still have a few indoors
  4. Use the term pub team not in derogatory way not bringing the club down at all I have the earlier scarf staying we were a pub team from essex. We got this saying from Lewis FC when we playef them some time ago they had not lost a match we sent down there and beat them i think the score was 5 nil to us and the Lewis manager called us a pub team we took this up to show we were not and the name stuck. The call is not against our club but tongue in cheek to show we are a talented family run club. I would never run Urchins down and never decry what the board, players and fans have done for this club. Onwards and upwards.
  5. I have relatives down and can't get to ground on Saturday would appreciate another date as well for those of us who can't get there in Saturday.
  6. One for me and Jean please Dagger Thanks Pete and Jean - Hope you enjoyed the day at Wembley.
  7. Jean and myself could not travel to see the match so we settled down and watched it on BTSports after the first goal I thought we were going to be runners up but how wrong I was. We held our own and come the second half Urchins stepped up several gears the lads played out of their skins it was like living in a dream. We equalised then it happened we went 2 1. Up heart in mouth as we keep the lead. where the ref got 6 mins added on I don't know but low and behold we got the third goal and seven minutes past the 90 final whistle blew we had won. I admit I had tears in my eyes it took time for it to sink in. Well done Urchins what a day so proud to support such a team. Bring on the open topped bus. Sorry for the ramblings of proud senior citizen I will have a lay down now.
  8. Think Essex is better but will go with the flow can I still.Have 3 scarfs please whatever you print on it
  9. I could not believe the result I had my eyes closed for the penalties. My only regret is that Jean and myself were on a lockdown since March 2020 due to health reasons and could not attend any of the matches this season. We hope to be back soon Well done to all concerned
  10. I can only say that I agree with everything said above. So proud
  11. Congratulations to all concerned the players put in a 110% effort. Onward to the semifinal. Come On You Urchins.
  12. Well done lads what a result onwards and upwards
  13. Happy New Year Colin to you and your family also to all at the club. Hope Jean and Myself will be able to get to the club and matches in the new year when we can get out of luck down Jean and Pete
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