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  1. Great game to watch against tough opponents despite heart stopping moment towards the end of the game. Delighted with a win and 3 points which could be significant at the end of the season reckoning. Sam Higgins was the difference. Goal machine and ability to hold the ball and spray passes.
  2. Didn’t think that the pitch helped. Seemed to hold the pace of the ball. I feel we became a little frustrated as the game went on however we should be confident of progressing to the next round on Tuesday.
  3. Inevitable that their number 6 was going to get on the end of something sooner or later. There must be something in the rules about the maximum height allowed. So unfair!
  4. My name is Mike Carolan. Let me know when you want the monies. Thanks. Thanks - added to list. I will let you know when I want the money. Tony
  5. What did those from Hereford say? We were deserved winners!
  6. Que Sera Sera Whatever will be, will be The Urchins at Wembley Que Sera Sera
  7. Ok very reasonable. I’ll be down to pick some up today
  8. What are the prices of the scarves and rosettes ?
  9. Standing in the queue for tickets yesterday got me thinking how wonderful it would be to harness the energy that this cup run has given and carry this momentum forward to next season.
  10. So we can all have a better idea of assessing our chances of getting a ticket would the club let us know how many tickets are still unsold particularly as many will be having to leave work early to queue up for them?
  11. Is there any update on whether there is a chance that there will be any tickets left available ? Completely understand if all allocated.
  12. I think I’ve seen unconfirmed reports of 4,000 for each team although this may not be correct. Without restrictions I would think that we could double this figure. All bodes well for next season. Perhaps the club could release early season tickets for next season to count towards preference for tickets, after current season ticket holders and club members and family’s?
  13. Not been to The Bridge for a little while due to commitments I do not expect to be fortunate enough to get tickets. I strongly agree that first priority should definitely be with those loyal fans, season ticket holders and supporters club. Let’s hope we all manage to get tickets for Wembley. Those that don’t will be able to watch the final with BT Sport I understand.
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