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  1. I think I’ve seen unconfirmed reports of 4,000 for each team although this may not be correct. Without restrictions I would think that we could double this figure. All bodes well for next season. Perhaps the club could release early season tickets for next season to count towards preference for tickets, after current season ticket holders and club members and family’s?
  2. Not been to The Bridge for a little while due to commitments I do not expect to be fortunate enough to get tickets. I strongly agree that first priority should definitely be with those loyal fans, season ticket holders and supporters club. Let’s hope we all manage to get tickets for Wembley. Those that don’t will be able to watch the final with BT Sport I understand.
  3. What’s the furthest we have progressed in this competition?
  4. Hi, I’m looking to buy a replica club shirt as an xmas pressie but cant get to the game this Saturday. Can I arrange to buy prior to Xmas?
  5. There’s a tremendous site with football pitches between Lakeside and Sainsbury’s. Does anyone know who owns this?
  6. Their crowds have been getting less. Honeymoon over?
  7. Yes, we have a tricky run in. 90 pts should be enough to go up
  8. If Romford do groundshare would we still get the bar profits?
  9. Where will the play next season? Surely not a ground share with us?
  10. With more likely postponed games Heybridge will be playing double headers at this rate. Anyone know when the fixture deadline is ?
  11. Agree about crowd limitations for ‘ricay. Aren’t Dulwich losing their ground?
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