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  1. Are we trying to get someone in? Can’t rely on Joe Chistou as a back up. Could cost us dearly.
  2. If our pitch is so bad perhaps we have a better chance playing away. All part of the plan ?
  3. Will there be a coach available for this game?
  4. Presumably the play off final would be on Saturday 30th April if we manage to get through ?
  5. Very difficult with an outfield player in goal. We could honestly have scored at least 6 with tremendous attacking play. Other results were generally kind. Massive game Tuesday.
  6. Enfield had the long ball old Wimbledon style of play simple but effective when you have some giants in the team. Difficult to defend against particularly as the referee appeared to favour them with a number of free kicks which were predictably lofted high up in the air. Would prefer not to meet them if we teach the playoffs. We can outplay everyone in the division when we are in the zone so it all augers well for an exiting end to the season although the next game is crucial to win so we don’t go on a bad spell. Great crowd and atmosphere.
  7. Still have kept our unbeaten run going although the crowd was stunned by the equaliser right at the end. Needed the second goal to be sure. Great confidence throughout the team and appreciated the players acknowledging our support after the final whistle even though they must have been disappointed with the ending. Big Sam unstoppable.
  8. The football from in in the second half was probably the best that I’ve seen from us in the games I’ve been to. There’s an air of confidence which is allowing our players to show what they are very capable of. On a fine run. One game at a time but would it be impossible to get top spot? Aim high.
  9. Excellent performance although after the first 10-15 mins if anyone asked I would have taken a draw. But we fully deserved the three points. Thought that the crowd appeared bigger than the 662 stated. Looking good for the play offs although a long way to go.
  10. It hasn’t been good overall to date with injuries to key players and perhaps not having the rub if the green on occasions together with coming down to earth after the amazing Trophy win and teams raising their game because of this. it’s time to look forward now and effectively start again starting with today and a push towards a run towards a play off spot. This may seem unlikely at the moment but most in this division are capable of beating each other and a winning run would see us moving up the table with the momentum. Everyone from the hardcore to be the occasional fan needs something to shout about. This is a tremendous club with great potential to play at a higher level. You never know we could be playing Southend United next season. Come on you Urchins!
  11. Looks like he’s going to need a few games to get match fit. Should have scored yesterday.
  12. Here’s to three pints tomorrow! …and three points ? COYU is Higgins back?
  13. Oh come on !! We have got an horrendous injury list that includes key players which has understandably affected results. We’ve not even been able to have a full complement of substitutes. I have total confidence that the team will be in the mix come the end of the season, probably in play offs. With a few exceptions every team is capable of beating anyone so if we can get a winning run of results together then we will be ok and keep the improved fan base happy. COYU!
  14. Great game to watch against tough opponents despite heart stopping moment towards the end of the game. Delighted with a win and 3 points which could be significant at the end of the season reckoning. Sam Higgins was the difference. Goal machine and ability to hold the ball and spray passes.
  15. Didn’t think that the pitch helped. Seemed to hold the pace of the ball. I feel we became a little frustrated as the game went on however we should be confident of progressing to the next round on Tuesday.
  16. Inevitable that their number 6 was going to get on the end of something sooner or later. There must be something in the rules about the maximum height allowed. So unfair!
  17. My name is Mike Carolan. Let me know when you want the monies. Thanks. Thanks - added to list. I will let you know when I want the money. Tony
  18. What did those from Hereford say? We were deserved winners!
  19. Que Sera Sera Whatever will be, will be The Urchins at Wembley Que Sera Sera
  20. Ok very reasonable. I’ll be down to pick some up today
  21. What are the prices of the scarves and rosettes ?
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