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  1. Lammas 4-0 DWR After last weeks drubbing against Epsom Athletic the lads trained there socks off on Tues and Thurs to put things right and boy did they, in the first half we played some great football and we scored four goals, three of which were really good goals. Delighted for the manager who is doing a great job so far, and I delighted for the players who are working so hard for the club, long may this good feeling continue. Up the Lammas.
  2. Lammas 1-1 Banstead Good game and a fair result, IMO Banstead are the best team we have played so far this season, we took the lead just before half time and Banstead equalised early in the second half. It's been a really good start for us and it's great to be back home at the Lucan Pavilion playing our football and I am enjoying my football again and long may it continue. Up the Lammas.
  3. Rebel we played CHU last night and I think they will be fine, they had some good players especially on the flanks and full backs. Bedfont and Feltham with the squad they have got should definitely be in the top three, CB looked in good shape last season and if they improve I agree they will go close, Stuart Bamford from Lammas is a good signing. We have played Knaphill, CHU and Badshot Lea in pre season and Knaphill have impressed me the most, however Pree season means nothing, it's points that count and we will have to wait and see.
  4. My prediction is that Camberley will win the Prem and Knaphill will be the surprise package this season. Top three Camberley Ashford and Badshot Lea. Division one is wide open.
  5. Totally agree Alan Constable does a great job and is top man who deserves praise for what he does and not criticism.
  6. We at Staines Lammas have moved back home for the right reasons, over the pass few years we have gone from 4 teams to 1, and I believe that we lost the soul of the club when we ground shared and we needed to go home and build the club again. We have a long road ahead, we have a new management team and the committee is increasing in size with new and old people joining the club, we will do our best to get all the ground improvements met by March 2016, so we can stay in this division, unfortunately without floodlights we can not get promoted, however we will try to find a solution for the future. Imo ground sharing is something that should only be done short term, if there is a permanent floodlit ground in the pipeline such as CB Hounslow have then it makes sense. At the end of the day the club needs to grow organically, we will not pay players and we want players who want to play for the badge and club, if step six is our limit then I would like us to become the best we can be at that level, both on and off the pitch and I know we are a long way off that.
  7. There's new criteria that our ground does not meet like toilets in the changing rooms, and wash basin and two sides of hard standing, etc, we and Laleham together will endeavour to get the ground up to the standards that are required this season.
  8. Paying players at this level is nonsense, I can think of only a couple of players who are good enough to be paid, however I think they should be playing at a higher level.
  9. Lammas are spending money on the pitch at Laleham to get it up to scratch for the forth coming season, and Steve Honey has been appointed Groundsman again, which is great news for Lammas and Laleham FC as last time he done the pitch he came third in the FA awards at step six.
  10. Looking forward to today's game, let's hope we can finish with a win. Up the Lammas.
  11. Smudge believe me I would not want to go up in fifth place from a league of just 16 teams, if it was a league of 22 teams then that's a different matter. Div one this season is the worst standard I've seen in a long time at this level and I do not believe that there is a current team in Division one who would do well in the prem, I think they would all struggle with the current squads. Now a few years back there were 5/6 teams in Div one who would be able to compete in the prem, but that was when the league was bigger and more competitive IMHO.
  12. I disagree if you can't finish in the top 3 why should you go up??
  13. AFC Croydon 1-0 Lammas My first time at AFC Croydon and I must say I was very impressed with the set up and the club house. Unfortunately we were down to bare bones today, we had players away, injured and suspended, Gavin Bamford had to go in goal and he was excellent, plus Sean Ryan played up front despite having an injury. The lads that did play today were an absolute credit to the club and it was a very close game, however I think that AFC Croydon were the best team that ive seen in div one this season and I think they will definitely get promoted.
  14. I can't understand the berating of the officials all the time and why do people say they should be stronger at this Level etc etc blah blah, this level is not semi pro and is far from it, the referees are not semi pro either and are far from it and they will make mistakes just like committees, chairman, managers, coaches and players do, we all have decisions go for and against us, but at the end of the season you end up in a position which is determined by winning and losing and you will have decisions along the way that will be annoying and lucky. Not digging at anyone but I think we have to realise the level that we are involved in is not as good as we think, I'm not saying it's Pub Football, but it's nearer to Pub footbal than Pro football imo.
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