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  1. Do Wodson Park play at Ware FC or is it a different ground?
  2. Any news from Park View Karen? Seeing every other game in the league called off is making me wary of making the journey to New River... (and they don't seem to have any social media presence I can find)
  3. With their new management team I'm surprised if there's a lack of players, but it doesn't look good with those cancellations and an advert for new players on Twitter 2 days ago!
  4. Really hoping for a positive outcome! It's a massive step backwards in that respect otherwise...
  5. Am I correct in thinking that Mitoo has been replaced for the new season by Full-Time for the league results? If so, is there any way to get the squad lists to load in number order, not alphabetical? The one Leverstock Green added yesterday is in alphabetical order: http://full-time.thefa.com/DisplayFixture.do?id=14842970 Mitoo used to be really good and I've got loads of archived team lineups over the years from there, but can't if they're not in number order!
  6. He was back at Holmer for two thirds of last season, so I assume he's there again. Shame - would have liked to see him have got more of a crack at it with us, his record at Holmer is excellent!
  7. Was just interested, that's all, as I'd have expected him to be a regular for us. I imagine a number of our squad have dual registered with various teams though, it's just part and parcel of the game these days.
  8. Interesting. How much is he likely to be with you?
  9. As for SJP, I quite liked that ground too. Always nice on a summer's day/evening (which seemed to be the only time we were scheduled there)!
  10. Slight difference there though, it lies un-used - but not usable! (Without huge investment in renovation anyway...)
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