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  1. Certainly a winnable tie and a good opportunity to progress and to get some prize money in.
  2. Probably Hormones being heavily pregnant. As has been mentioned just a steward doing his job to the letter. I'm guessing you're a fan of Mo Farah fur life now Rhodes?
  3. Now we know what he's made of. A good night all round.
  4. Dizzee Rascal was probably included as he grew up a stones throw away from the Olympic Park. Besides that he is talented. I am unsure why the Arctic Monkeys were chosen but I'd rather them than the dinosaur that is Paul Mc'Cartney. Past it!
  5. Have you actually ever been Rhodes?
  6. Bangkok is mayhem but hardly unsafe unless you are a pissed up westerner and have no respect for the locals. I hear many stories regarding people getting conned in SE Asia but generally it's people going against basic common sense. If its too good to be true then often it is. I have felt much safer late at night in Bangkok/HCM and PP than in parts of London. With regards to Wine, when in France recently I couldn't believe the prices in supermarkets reasonable quality too. Prefer Italian though and one of the finest a had was a ligurian one.
  7. No and no. Working until 8 tonight and West Ham on Monday.
  8. Good Luck tonight to the team. Any updates on here would be appreciated.
  9. One of the floaters checking in. Away this weekend but have organised a text from the old man on the result. I know crowds are lower, sometimes it can't be helped. Those who go over the weekend, sing loud and be the twelfth man. Have it!
  10. Well said! Grimsby did a very efficient job today. The first goal was always going to be vital and the second knocked us for 6 IMO. Without our main striker today was always going to be a difficult task. I hope the result doesn't affect league confidence. Credit to the players for giving it a go in the second half. An enjoyable day on the road!
  11. Safe journey all. Not the best starts for me. Couldn't find train tickets last night do in the panic of missing out spent £82 on another return at 1am this morning. Original tickets found 20 mins after that. I'd wish they stayed lost lol. Not all bad though as apparently I can get a refund minus a tender admin fee. Get those vocal chords in full flow ladies and gents. Get into 'em!
  12. 2-1 Grimsby. Att 1650 Would be an outstanding achievement to bring them back for a replay.
  13. I'll be getting to Kings X for about 8-8:15 No engineering works on Circle or Hammersmith and city according to Tfl. Unsure if there are any on national rail yet. Trains are generally always ok that time in the morning on a Saturday. If there are no engineering works on liv st line there is a quick train at 06:46. I'll check to see if there is one at 07:16 as that would still leave plenty of time at Kings x. Who else has the hour layover in Retford?
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