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  1. for all of you football adicts who would like tosee adecent game in lovely surroundings with a smashing club house and decent beer just come up the road to ascot and support Ascot United. they are apretty good little team and we may end up starting again in the same division as them when we start again.
  2. i think WEFC must be the laughing stock of S.L. football after saturedays fiasco at Stag Meadow. i can understand the lights breaking down but no fuel for the generator is absolutely scandelous. I dont know who is supposed to be in charge of seeing to this item but whoever it is should be sacked immeadiately.(unless there were no funds available)whatever the case was it was pretty pathetic, and I feel sorry for all the supporters and the opposition. anyway now I have had my drip I would like to wish all players management bar staff tea girls and ballboysA VERY MERRY XMAS AND A WONDERFUL NEW
  3. Ian_W

    25-November 10 - Happy Birthday BBBG :)

  4. BBBG


    what the flaming hell is happening to our football club? last year we had aclub and team to be proud of, now all ihear and read about is unpaid wages and disent between players and supporters. i dont particularly want to get involved with these subjects but i would just like to say dont forget that the supporters were there when the snow wanted clearing and the pitch forking over and most importantly whenthe flood lights needed fixing.so lets hear no more of this crap and get onand try to enjoy another good season COME ON WINDSOR.
  5. BBBG

    fact or fiction?

    i heard yesterday from a young lady who is friendly with a lad who plays football for M/HEAD UTD that W/E have a match fixed up with them for this satureday or next. true or false?? ther is nothing on Windsors web about it.
  6. thanks man for fixing the lights. i dont know if you were just a supporter or the club eletrician but you did a great job.oh! and by the way ;WELL DONE WINDSOR;
  7. Ian_W

    Welcome to the forums BBBG :)

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