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  1. HT You didnt in this thread, but it is ( admittedly & allegedly) what you said to him prior to being sent off. If incorrect, I take it back
  2. Em so HTFC. You got him out of your pocket whilst winning one nil or after he had laid on the equaliser? Successfully having him removed before the referee did so based on your sides moaning about DS, you then lost 2-1 and you were sent off?! As for O Toole doing nothing all game - that clearly wouldnt include scoring twice, shutting down the back pass and getting a penalty awarded or as they are better known- the primary aspects that changed the game. Good decision!
  3. WR- You just keep wanting to miss the point dont you. The people who were owed most by the PREVIOUS club were the players and management and they still went on to win a league whilst not being paid. Given it was effectively run by P Simpson who was the PREVIOUS chairman it has NOTHING to do with Windsor FC and the records of the said PREVIOUS club have been expunged by the FA! Now we both know that Slough were in a very similar situation and your chairman simply locked the gates on Wexham Park and told the club to go away. If I am not mistaken there were also debts. But due to the clubs willin
  4. WR/HP9- Given Slough's history with a similar chairman to Simpson, and how many grounds-oh how you choose to forget! For the record, given that he and no-one else promised to pay people (including the players and management), I fail to see how you can level criticism at the new club. For the record, K Stott wasnt at WEFC when it all went wrong as he had resigned- but lets not lets the facts get in the way... WR - would love to hear how you budget at STFC especially as the budget is closer to £3k than £2k and the ground costs you closer to £20-25k pa. So maybe Mrs Cat did you a favour as it
  5. So WR, presumably you wouldnt include Hanworth Villa in this " pub League" especially given that they horsed you out of the cup--- and over just the two games I recall??
  6. Matt- you dont say which of the teams are decent, but on the basis that it would be fair to assume they would be above Windsor- I assume Guildford/Camberley/Egham/Horley? Of theose teams-Guildford have only played Egham ( Drawn) and Camberley ( Drawn)- so not great from them- however they also drew with Wembley and Croydon. When Windsor drew at Croydon, the world had come to an end and it was stated that Guilford wouldnt make the same mistake! Egham have played Guildford as stated, Camberley ( Egham win) and Horley (Egham Win) but lost to Badshot, Wembley, Hanworth and drew at Colliers Wo
  7. Just to add, Flackwell will be a real battle on a very difficult sloping pitch and against a side that have been together for a couple of years. They are a decent side who beat Oxford 5-1 away, so I would suggest that on their pitch, it may be similar to Oxford or even Ash?
  8. matt- you are wrong- any ball that is six-eight yards out in the centre of goal is a goalkeepers and interestly appartently, according to players, Bully has stated it was his fault. He has saved us and will do so again as he is a top class guy- but that doesnt absolve him from blame- He is at fault. How can you say the league is understated? Time and time again , I have heard people in the club talk about the need not to underestimate the league and I believe that they mean it? IWhy do you think otherwise and what supports it. Please dont just say results as I remember losing as WEFC to Ayle
  9. Eh- shall we just miss that for the keepers error as it was always going to be one -nil but for that? I base that on the fact Bully had no other saves to make! Shall we forget that we had 80% of the game whilst acknowledging as before we should have taken other chances? Seems like a glass half empty - no matter what? We aways knew about pitches, and smallest forward line? Yash 5 11" tooley 5 10" ?. So because we knew about pitches- it means what? they are easy to play on? In that case why did Guildford lose at farnham? There is one game so far that Windsor were poor- the first against
  10. From being at the game and having seen the video, I am at best surprised at some of the comments. Firstly- Yash was caught but I heard the bench ask him consistently and his response was that he was okay to continue. Secondly Ben cam off again as his hamstring was tighting and again we saw him signal and advise the bench. Thirdly- the chances- well there were a couple that should have been scored without doubt, but the one thing that the video confirmed was just how bad the pitch was. Look again- virtually every ball on the floor and in the box is a bouncing bomb. I would actually argue that i
  11. Yash/Ben/oToole are carrying knocks apparently and should really not have been involved. Alex Jeffers is still out also
  12. Geggy- Fair points, apologies and taken on board but Simon lane built the league winning side?- I dont think so, he just claims he did. Bully ( KS) Wharton ( KS) Fagan ( KS) Butler ( SL) Parsons ( SL), Parsons (SL) Wilson ( KS) Seedel ( SL) Chandrihan ( SL) Chennels ( SL) Smith ( KS) Thomas ( KS ) Osubo ( KS) Jack ( KS) Dickens ( KS) D Woozley (KS) James Courtnage (KS) David |Pearce (KS) and Marcus Richardson ( KS) 13 from the Colonel! In addition whilst he did claim the credit on both, even if you accept it was his team- he couldnt do anything with them so effectively he was a good scout!
  13. Matt- Just to add to the point made earlier and even if the boys lost today in their game v Oxford I would feel the same, the great team that was " more solid and balanced"? Record after 5 games- P-5, W 1, D -3, L -1 F- 4 A- 7 Pts -6 Ring any bells other than the goals for column? And as for the sixth game, if memory serves right - as I was there, we lost 2-1 to Didcot? The record doesnt quite agree really- but you gave the man a chance- didnt you?
  14. One league in 26 years and one cup in twenty- what success? Yes the championship team that SCOTTY put together didnt conced goals- eventually or do you just chose what you want to ignore? Of those players- One had played at a much better and higher level, one is playing Ryman Premier, One Southern Premier and one Blue Square!! Its easier at CCL? Who are you kidding? Quite simply players dont always want to play at CCL level because they PERCEIVE its a lower standard. I dont necessarily agree and think the top teams would easily hold their own in the CCL. Just because you find the tr
  15. Matt- one or two games will not amke an outlandish difference to the stats as i would be surprised to see highly differential scores? You must also recall in the first season in the SW with the current mgt team, we did concede lots of goals ( bracknell, truro, afc Hayes) whilst they were going out to strengthen- which they did and it resulted in finishing eighth, winning the B&B and then of course the league. My point is that all the above took effectively a season and a half after having put up with Simon Lane for how long? We have had this team for eight weeks or so- give it a chanc
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