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  1. Imagine if the rain continues then tomorrow's game could be in doubt. Pretty sure the Biggleswade FC home game at The Eyrie last Saturday was postponed due to waterlogged pitch. PS confirmed now postponed due to waterlogged pitch.
  2. Second that. i went to my first ever football games at The. Eyrei, I was still only 6 when the club folded in 1982 though, so memories are quite hazy, but it's nice to see old photos. I make it if Real Bedford beat Chenecks they are effectively Champions and promoted, however they wouldn't actually be formally recognised as such by the league in this scenario as mathematically Chenecks could still catch them on goal difference, but in reality this would never actually happen.
  3. Good news pleased the final is being streamed.
  4. If next Tuesday's Cup Final is not streamed, then that will be 3 matches in a row. Lutterworth Athletic v Real Bedford Real Bedford continue their run of away games at Lutterworth this Saturday, 25th March. Unfortunately the match will not be streamed
  5. Thanks - not in the projection posted above though by Rhodes - has Harlow in that one instead of Real Bedford.
  6. Don't think so. Can't see their name listed?
  7. Those projections suggest Real Bedford would be placed in UCL Prem, which is generally agreed to be a tougher league than SSML Prem?
  8. Think they've missed an L out of Holmer.
  9. Not sure about JB but would guess Dan Walker is on more than he was on at Bedford Town, or would have been little point him leaving. Would certainly have been a useful squad player at Step 3.
  10. He's already played at Step 4 with Bedford Town? So will have no probs at Step 5.
  11. Not sure depends how political BTFC get over it and whether Elstow also give permission or not I guess.
  12. The final is 29th March 2023 7.30pm at The New Eyrie.
  13. Rugby have been pretty relentless. Anu other season Real would practically have the league wrapped up by now. A Rugby win on Sat and then winning their game in hand would put them a point behind Real with a better goal difference.
  14. Will Robets seemed to suggest the Rugby game won't be streamed?
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