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  1. Not too worried Rally. Most years teams get reprieved. Last season only 2 sides were relegated from Southern League Premier Central, although it''s officially 4. Most season's 1 or 2 clubs are reprieved from relegation and currently Town are not even in bottom 4, despite tough run of games and lots of injuries and suspensions. Indeed they comfortably beat Kings Langley last week and on Saturday were 3-2 up against Bromsgrove, who are just outside the play-offs, with 5 minutes to go, only to lose 4-3. One point or 3 from that game and it would have been hard to sack them so maybe they are paying the price for 5 minutes of football? Seems an absolutely crazy decision from the outside as well as the human aspect of 2 decent men being fired just before Christmas.
  2. Hi Rhodes The Biggleswade United Club Secretary tweeted the above news re the Gladwish Cup draw, maybe Karen could confirm?
  3. The draw has already been made. Real Bedford have been expelled from the competition for playing an ineligible player in the previous round v Aylesbury as per my post above. Aylesbury have been reinstated and are home to 5th placed Biggleswade United of the SSML Prem. Shame as would have been a good test for Rob Sinclair's boys in front of a big home crowd.
  4. I see Real Bedford have been booted out of the Gladwish Cup after playing an ineligible player in their victory over Aylesbury Vale Dynamos in thr previous round and AVD have been reinstated.
  5. It really wasn't pretty to watch, I know they were down to 10 men and it's fair enough to try and draw a foul from an opponent, but then rolling around on the floor screaming each time to try and get the opposing player sent off, with your teammates joining in by trying to pressurise the ref, is not what anyone goes to non-league football to watch. PS both the reports posted on here from the previous game at Moulton said the same thing, so I don't think it's just me. This was one: "If you hadn’t called him out I would have. Quite possibly the most embarrassing exhibition of exaggerated squealing and feigning injury I’ve ever seen from one player."
  6. Watched the stream of Sat's game. Whilst Eason Socon were certainly a physical side, in the 2nd half the amount of time Jordan Brown spent throwing himself to the ground and rolling around was ridiculous. This was mentioned in the previous game as well I believe. That and the constant buffering of the stream made the game pretty much unwatchable as a spectacle for me.
  7. I read that twitter thread but i don't think there was any suggestion on that that Peter is about to walk away. They have plenty of cash in the bank as can be seen from their recent income reports. People on a different forum may have put a different spin on it but I don't think the author of the twitter piece was suggesting that the whole thing is about to fall apart imminently. more that with so many crypto firms in trouble it could have an impact on their future ambitions. Obviously in shot-term they are attracting healthy crowds at home and are getting a lot of income in through merch sales as well, so definitely have nothing to worry about.
  8. That is odd as the kit was unveiled ages ago - June: https://www.realbedford.com/news/real-bedford-fc-partner-with-bedford-ladies-and-girls-fc
  9. It's still a £24,000 loss if you take away the sponsorship. Which obviously they have got but if at any time the sponsors did not renew then that would leave them with an operating loss of £6,000 a week. I am sure Gemini probably will renew but the examples you mentioned like AFC Wimbledon were getting much higher crowds than the 170-odd Real Bedford have got for last couple of home games. Yep he is achieving an awful lot at Step 6 and well done to him, but that's against some teams who have no budget at all. Just saying to go through the divisions he would either have to retain the sponsors and get them to pay a lot more each season, or get hundreds of more fans attending each week and sell lots more merchandise each year.
  10. I know that the average playing budget in the Southern League Prem Central - 3 tiers above SSML One is £6,000 a week. That's the level RBFC aspire to be playing at, and getting promoted from, in 3 seasons time. So if last month their income without sponsorship was £7,000 in the whole month then they are going to have to increase all their non-sponsorship revenue streams in the next few years in order to compete at the higher levels.
  11. Another good win on Saturday. September's financial report now published. Seem to be burning through cash at an incredible rate although I guess there is a lot of set-up costs with so much to do since the takeover and the women's and youth teams: https://www.realbedford.com/income-report-september-22
  12. The commentator mentioned 2 players are on holiday (one climbing Kilimanjaro apparently) and 2 didn't play because they ran the London Marathon on Sunday. At least the four of them didn't miss an important game!
  13. All a bit stale so far. 0-0 after 30 mins.
  14. Interesting formation for Real Bedford at Raunds tonight. Lining-up without any strikers. PS my mistake just seen Jordan Brown is playing.
  15. Bedford is a medium-to-large town and the issue with starting your own clubs is you then also need a large number of coaches and volunteers. Who are already with other clubs. So by far easiest way is to do what he has done. Maybe the women may change their name at some point to Real Bedford Ladies. Not so sure about Bedford Park Rangers youth as they are long-established. It doesn't matter too much what the youth team are called to be honest, it's more about progressing through to the first team.
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