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  1. Its the same as always in these situations, those up the top say yes, those in middle are split and those at bottom say no.
  2. Looks like this seasons Elite League is going to be much tighter than first thought. All teams seem to have recruited well and to be honest anyone could beat anyone. Early doors but seems to be a very competitive League.
  3. Ascot, Spelly, Hanworth Villa and Sheerwater for me.
  4. It will be an interesting season this, probably more so that last. I hope the League structure in a definitive way of concluding the League if it is cut short for any reason.
  5. Predictions: Prem: Ascot Molesey Knaphill Hanworth Villa No particular order 1st Westside Jersey Bedfont and Feltham Chessington and Hook No particular order
  6. Lyne F.C's Pre-season fixture list. (Thought it maybe relevant as playing a good few CCL sides) 29th June 2019 Lyne F.C Ascot United F.C 11:30 am Pre-Season Friendly 6th July 2019 Lyne F.C Frimley Green F.C 2:00 pm Pre-Season Friendly 11th July 2019 Bedfont Sports F.C Lyne F.C 7:30 pm Pre-Season Friendly 16th July 2019 Hanworth Villa F.C Lyne F.C
  7. I think it will change the type of players recruited by managers going forward
  8. Hi Gent, Lyne F.C are looking for a friendly match home/away on the 2nd March. Happy to play development squads. Please contact: contactus@lynefc.co.uk. or DM Cheers Nigel
  9. Jersey is 170 miles away from Croydon. (the way the crow flies) Powerful gate crasher!
  10. I couldn't agree more Chris! exactly the point i was trying to make. The clubs you talk of have earned the right ! The trouble is now, the vast majority of clubs in Div 1 and Prem for that matter will support Jersey Bulls fully as they get a trip to Jersey rather than a trip to those local Clubs you mentioned. In the intermediate they are struggling for numbers, this maybe a better place to start a new club/team? I know the intermediate would welcome a new club with open arms.
  11. AFC Wimbledon jumped in at Premier and Guernsey jump on-board in Div 1. Both had money and lots of it! We don't have loads of money because we treat our u6's the same as men's team and reinvest loads back in for the benefit of the whole club. I suppose i have just answered my own question there.....but wouldn't change the way we work for anyone. Just a shame no one shows this sort of interest and support in a structured club which was formed in 2007. Thanks for showing an interest though Moleseyman, if you ever get the time on a Saturday please pop over for a watch.
  12. To be fair i agree with what you say about facilities V managers and players, but to just have a ground only and jump straight into CCL1? To be honest our aim as a club is to eventually end up in the CCL, But we were told we have to work our way up the levels (No levels can be skipped). As a Club we are doing exactly what we have been advised, but to see complete new set-up jump straight into the Pyramid is a real kicker for us and any other clubs striving to do the same.
  13. We think its a great move for League and F.A officials (Getting a free jolly) And all member clubs of the CCL1 (Getting a free jolly) Ground: yes, Manager: No, Players: No Worrying! When will football lead in front of money? Chairman of Lyne F.C
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