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  1. not for me but young James if anyone has or knows of one going help a fellow saint out...
  2. anyone go? according to their site we looked good, no comments about needing a big bloke up front according to ours we need to imrpove and need a big bloke up front
  3. cheers fella, jus missed your call
  4. cheers fella re:worcester If you plan to get the train up /coach back count us in
  5. this weds? oaklands college, the one up hatfield road? 19.15 kick off? admission?
  6. lets hope there is enough demand for a coach
  7. yeah last train gets back to saint a's... 04.00
  8. cant say they're that good.. Worcester away on a monday grrr dont play Wombledefcom1 till feb apparently Hampton are our local rivals finally puts to bed that Bishops Storford are an essex club i guess
  9. hopefully! how was worcester, decent pubs?
  10. unless they were workng of course, it being a thursday. cheers for the info anyway
  11. Originally Posted By: richard193 can i just speak for behalf of all the regulars on this board when we congratulate afc dons on their promotion. so the ryman premier has lost two top teams in chelmsford and the dons but dont forget we can welcome two massive sides in dover and dartford. obviously urchin fans will be fecking furious at their failure to gain promotion for a third successive season but the clubs not ready for conference football yet and another year in the premier will do you good. just fed the relevant information into my computer for the 2008/09 season and this is how it predicts the division will finish: 1 dartford 2 dover 3 st albans 4 urchins 5 canvey. is it an amstrad computer?
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