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  1. not for me but young James if anyone has or knows of one going help a fellow saint out...
  2. anyone go? according to their site we looked good, no comments about needing a big bloke up front according to ours we need to imrpove and need a big bloke up front
  3. cheers fella, jus missed your call
  4. cheers fella re:worcester If you plan to get the train up /coach back count us in
  5. this weds? oaklands college, the one up hatfield road? 19.15 kick off? admission?
  6. lets hope there is enough demand for a coach
  7. yeah last train gets back to saint a's... 04.00
  8. cant say they're that good.. Worcester away on a monday grrr dont play Wombledefcom1 till feb apparently Hampton are our local rivals finally puts to bed that Bishops Storford are an essex club i guess
  9. hopefully! how was worcester, decent pubs?
  10. unless they were workng of course, it being a thursday. cheers for the info anyway
  11. Originally Posted By: richard193 can i just speak for behalf of all the regulars on this board when we congratulate afc dons on their promotion. so the ryman premier has lost two top teams in chelmsford and the dons but dont forget we can welcome two massive sides in dover and dartford. obviously urchin fans will be fecking furious at their failure to gain promotion for a third successive season but the clubs not ready for conference football yet and another year in the premier will do you good. just fed the relevant information into my computer for the 2008/09 season and this is how it predicts the division will finish: 1 dartford 2 dover 3 st albans 4 urchins 5 canvey. is it an amstrad computer?
  12. Originally Posted By: MiddxSaint Maidenhead United (a) http://www.maidenhead-advertiser.co.uk/sport/article-6179-united-lose-nothing-in-goal-less-draw/ Presumably written by someone who did not go to the game. If this was lifeless, I would like to see a game that wasn't! get the feeling there isnt going to be a long career in journalism for Nick Meakin
  13. spot on yellow and yes Laz, kudos to the chairman for doing both!
  14. What I dont understand is how everyone knows the rules regarding ground requirements then crys wolf when they fail. Fairly certain our esteemed chairman would rather have spent the money on players than getting the ground up to scratch. ps. the rules are crap BUT it's the same for everyone
  15. very good read, well worth it.
  16. great pic of englands no.1 there what a legend
  17. obviously not on a pound a word there, ala simon barnes.
  18. plane train or automobile?
  19. Originally Posted By: Iron Webbo As you would expect Laz, I find it difficult to agree. My view is that John's chairmanship of your Club will be seen by those in the future as a success. He completed the CVA that I put in place in late 2001 to secure the company and has (I understand) since put a substantial amount of money into the Club to bring stability and then take it forward. Don't forget that you've had a promotion and enjoyed a year of Conf National football. So many of us are envious of that. Although John may have chosen to put his support for the Club in as loans (as did I) he will, I'm sure, be realistic enough to accept that he is unlikely to receive a return on his investment any time soon (you will remember that I wrote all my loans off and gave my shareholding away to assist John in 2002). I believe John has a desire to bring success to your club. Where would the club be now without John? Would you have been winning 3-1 at Kidderminster last season? - I don't think so! As to the managerial appointments, there have been successes and less so. Your progress made under Lippiatt was excellent and I do sympathise with the lack of patience shown so far this season. Despite your current difficult playing position, I do believe your hopes of avoiding the drop are best served by sticking together. By all means have the post-mortem in May and June, but 'united you stand and divided you'll fall' sums it up for me until April 26! Laz, I really do hope I am able to come to t'Park next season for a League match and hope you can all do the necessary to escape the bottom three. People like John and you deserve it. Gibson on the other hand seems to want (and enjoy) failure and I find it difficult to understand or accept that. Good luck to you all from me. you really havent a clue have you lee harding. i thnk your confusing me with gibson, its the fact that I dont want failure that has led me to constantly question his "chairmanship" something that you and he quite clearly have failed to grasp. he has made some truly awful and glaringly obvious mistakes not least his managerial decisions kidderminster eh, not Clapton away? where there was more players than saints fans or any of the countless others over the last 30 odd years. knowing that gibson/castle arent good enough for this football club isn't just my opinion but countless others/directors/sponsors/kids who have seen sense and walked away i'll leave it to more knowledgable others to question my 100% support for this football club. toodle pip
  20. Originally Posted By: Iron Webbo You know you've won when they start swearing at you! Good luck to all my friends at t'Park. haha dream on sunshine, we were glad to see the back of you. as for gibson getting my support your even more clueles than i thought
  21. so the reason we lose is because i "coat off" my chairman haha you really haven't a clue have you. as for supporting our respectives teams your a mere johnny-come-lately in those stakes son. i know where we'll end up in april but then again i could have told you that last august no [****!!****] off back to your muggy tinpot essex club and i'll get on with enjoying this great monday morning
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