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  1. hi aff ah the u/19s eh. indeed psuedo enfields result will put his case back by about 5mins. have the red tops been informed though, i'm led to believe they make the decisions these days
  2. is mr castle employed by the fa as well now?, seem to recall our esteemed chairman mumbling something about that a while ago as if it was a good thing
  3. FIFA president by the end of next year...
  4. i believe it did. the ICIS in fact Yeovil away, mmm thats was a good day out
  5. as oppossed to yeovil ..?
  6. The final result was 1-1, which on reflection was fair given both sides' performances. ----------------------------------------------------------- mmm? who writes this stuff anyone else reminded of Beech when Morgan is anywhere near the ball
  7. we have future stadium plans?
  8. cheers fella that Heather MIlls eh, nasty business
  9. haha there was a certain irony in his statement
  10. i watched castles wonders tonight... well played to the green. very very good football
  11. hanlon or castle for a 1 off cup tie?
  12. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7007135.stm
  13. great result made my flight home all the better yours in city!
  14. isnt that true of all journalism? I've never known an article that doesnt take a particular slant. Gibson aside, my opinin isnt complimetary but im interested in why some players arent doing it. gibson aint out there on the park of a staurday/friday/tuesday/wednesday...
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