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  1. "...but the ones who have stayed have not covered themselves in glory." a fair point?
  2. same odds, as when we went up...
  3. xxx wouldnt make fleetvilles under 7s. FACT and i said pre-season that the dog and duck were the ones to watch, no shame there
  4. any idea where billy minters playing these days?
  5. Amen Corner, To Hell With Burgundy, Calexico, Dimmu Borgir, Elbow, Fairport Convention, Geezers of Nazareth, Architecture in Helsinki, I'm From Barcelona, Jordan, Kilburn and the High Roads, Leyton Buzzards, Mull Historical Society, North Sea Orchestra, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Phoenix, Q65, Rock Steady Crew(e), Stockholm Monsters, Turin Brakes, Ume, Virginia Astley, Whiskeytown, XScape, Yazoo, Zanzibar
  6. is this gonna go on all year?
  7. a band name for each letter of the alphabet, which contains the name of a place or country. BUT You will only register a point for each name NOT chosen by anyone else. (Be obscure, or be obvious because everyone else is going to be obscure? The dilemma is yours) Here’s a handy response form for you to copy and paste: *************************** A: B: C: D: E: F: G: H: I: J: K: L: M: N: O: P: Q: R: S: T: U: V: W: X: Y: Z:
  8. think the 2 old bill played a blinder
  9. i love football phone-ins... "couldn't make todays game" then proceeds to tell you everything wrong with 'his' club and how come all teams always need to spend money on a new striker/defender/midfielder.... is it really all to start again, anyone seen AFF?
  10. all the papers got the score wrong...PA as reliable as ever
  11. sad thiing is no one understands "23" but LA is Littlehampton
  12. i'd have been even more surprised if i was a bit of a trek.....
  13. agrre with that Laz, never subscribed to the theory that the fans are being ripped off on shirt sales ticket prices on the other hand and the misguided judgement that the premiership is the only competiton that matters is well, something that they seem to shy away from. are they subsidised by the FA? would be refreshing to see the so called FSA , actually concentrate on more important maatters
  14. what was your version yellow fox?
  15. grr tears up season ticket.
  16. oh its gets better and better every day (still, no afc wimblecon next season) is Gibsion the only person who believes in contracts? how naive can one bloke be
  17. fair enough fella good job his bro not in the running! is anyone in the running or is it a closed shop...... ;-) personally, im still waiting for Nigel Gibbs to be called but there you go....its been 4 years now.
  18. ciao maldini can you elaborate please , keep hearing anti-voices about Austin but no-one seems to have the balls to explain. the reason i ask only because i hear good things from Farnboro'...
  19. great stuff we had as many as 200?!
  20. sorry Laz! AFF/Rob my PM does work ;-)
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