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  1. The entire Redbridge team left last season to go to Maldon & Tiptree in the same league so the Redbridge team this season are a bunch of young novices at Ryman League in fact most have hardly featured at that level before so whilst a good result on paper cant be associated with linked with their team from last season . Interestingly enough Maldon and Redbrige oops I mean Maldon and Tiptree (spot the deliberate error) beat London Apsa who play in the ESL ( step 5) 9-1 in the cup yesterday which shoiws how strong they are but as London Lions beat Clapton 4-0 in the previous round the ESL's bottom tier sides could be considered very weak
  2. well he was on the forum so maybe he might want to give his side of the story, John Higley did well at Apsa so at least you cant question his credentials. He may have to airlift players to Basildon tho
  3. some people are just out of their depth and don't realise it , word is he couldn't even organise a pre season training session let alone pre season games, the board soon realised they had been hoodwinked and replaced him
  4. be interesting to see what their crowds will be , if they are bigger than Claptons then youy may as well buy them out....
  5. Can you believe it.....I hear Bobby has gone before the season has even started Bobby can you confirm this?
  6. agreed , some really 'wont let it go types' on the forum, we need new teams , who cares where they came from, at least Bari made their application in time unlike , FC Rumania, Interwood etc, they can all join next year when the ESL needs as many teams as possible.
  7. why don;t you get a decent website for a start ? that would help to at least have people recognise you a bit properly rather than the half baked effors from Apsa and Bengal if you want to be regarded as different to those two clubs
  8. Facts about Bari- Were actually not voted in at the ESL meeting it was an 'FA Decison' more about promoting inclusion i reckon as they are an asian based club (will they be better than Apsa or Bengal), apparently they were more favoured than FC Rumania or Interwood FC Troy Hewitt played for them a few seasons back and they did a call round of sesnior cub last year looking to ground share, apparently they have financial backing but we have heard this before
  9. I'm hearing GB as well, but wasnt he at Histon ?
  10. Eton Manor why, on what basis , do they even have a manager and if so whom?
  11. some young players don't have a clue how it works and are not helped or informed by the clubs that release them so credit to the kid for using all media available
  12. Lots of bookings for a start even without Harry Chalk not hard for Clapton to achieve a mid table finish as there is not really much to beat Eton Manor, Bengal, Apsa, Basildon, Bowers, Harringay . However if the new Clapoton manager couldn't attract players to Basildon hows he going to attract them to Clapton? As I understand it when he went to Clapton the first time he managed to bring over a hot of fringe Ilford players when they had a ressies side and did well with them , wheres he going to get players from this time after all he didn't quite get them over to Mauritius Sports either during his brief tenure there ? Its harder and harder to pull players out of the air and get them to start putting results together. He will probably do better than Wilfred Thomas and Carl Masters the double act who were masquerading as managers before him but that isn't hard to do
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