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  1. MeadowEnder

    SSML Allocations 2017/18

    Chesham United have folded the reserve set up. Mani Asare, this season's reserve manager, has joined Amersham Town.
  2. MeadowEnder

    2016/2017 Fixtures

    Can I suggest that rather than publishing them you issue to clubs in advance with an embargo and await feedback on errors so that corrections can be made before being issued rather than letting volunteers waste our time on adding to club websites only to have the work cancelled.
  3. Short notice but Chesham United are seeking away opposition for a friendly for their 1st XI Southern League squad this Thursday 14th July if any teams are able to host. Contact Andy Leese on 07971 595645.
  4. I would assume so but I don't know for sure - he seems to be the contact that London Colney's Twitter feed is using for information about trials and pre-season training.
  5. London Colney I believe
  6. Chesham United Reserves are looking for a new manager for 2016/2017. Please contact 1st Team Manager Andy Leese on 07971 595645 or email andy.leese@cheshamunited.co.uk - more details here: http://www.cheshamunited.co.uk/news/reserve-manager-vacancy-080616
  7. MeadowEnder

    Wednesday 2nd March

    Chesham United Reserves vs Berkhamsted is a 7.30pm kick off.
  8. MeadowEnder

    The 'Full Time' website system

    I've never used Full-Time but by the sound of the above if you were to use A-P as a prefix for each player instead of shirt numbers 1-16 it would come out in the right order if that was accepted by the system.
  9. Without wishing to shatter your delusions with a dose of reality try checking the team lists on the Chesham forum. http://www.cheshamunited.co.uk/forums/viewforum.php?f=19 Assuming it is Winslow you follow, for both the Saturday & Wednesday matches against you Chesham had a squad of 15 players. 11 were in both squads including 8 in the starting line ups. There was 1 player in the Wednesday team who could be called a regular 1st XI player returning from injury, no others have made any Southern League squad appearances this year let alone starting. As an aside the midweek team that night also included the Reserves' coach as we were short of players and didn't bring in any other 1st teamers to cover.
  10. MeadowEnder

    Pre-Season Friendlies 2013

    Thu 1st Aug: Pitstone & Ivinghoe 0-3 Chesham United Reserves Sat 3rd Aug: Aston Clinton 1-4 Chesham United Reserves
  11. MeadowEnder

    Pre-Season Friendlies 2013

    Last night Totternhoe 0-7 Chesham United Reserves Also one not on list from Saturday 20th July, Aston Clinton 1-3 Chesham United Reserves
  12. MeadowEnder

    Summer Transfer News

    Not strictly SSML but it was announced on Hitchin's site today that they have signed three of the Chesham United Reserves lads who had progressed to the Southern League side squad and had made a few appearances - Matt Lench, Sam Barker and Lewis Rolfe - all good prospects under 21 years old.
  13. MeadowEnder


    Sounds to me like a reaction to St Albans' 1st XI being dumped out of the FA Trophy at home by Ashford Town (Mddx) on Saturday but to play that many first team regulars doesn't seem in the right spirit. I don't know if it would ever happen with Chesham in those circumstances but to date we've played 18 league games plus a couple of cup matches and have only had about half a dozen individual appearances by players who might be classed as regular starters for the Southern League side, basically players returning from injury / suspension or needing a game after having signed. A few of the Spartan side have featured in the Southern League squad but that's because they've worked their way up rather than the other way round. Guess it's open to debate - we were delighted to be accepted into the league and it's been great for our youngsters developing their game but I can see why people would resent it if there are many situations where a whole raft of Southern League players get dropped in. Can't do much for the spirit of those Spartan regulars who have to make way either.
  14. MeadowEnder

    Who Will Win Div 1

    Chesham certainly played some good football in the Suburban League last year - after getting a new management team of Steve Benitez and Ross Eames midway through the season they won their last 11 games on the trot and beat Chalfont Wasps from the Hellenic in the Wycombe Senior Cup Final. It will be a step up for what is a very young side based around progressing some very good prospects who have come out of the Youth set-up in the last couple of years. It will be interesting, looking forward to it. And it's quite fun to have our ressies just a division below Aylesbury! Does the league cup pair teams from the Premier and First Divisions? There could be a very good crowd if we were drawn together.
  15. Can anyone give me an idea of the typical range of admission prices - adult, concession, junior - for the the different SSML divisions? Thanks.